Bobby Flores

Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist Bobby Flores will take the stage at The Legend Club this Saturday, June 15, at 9 p.m.

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When Bobby Flores describes the sound he gets with his Yellow Rose Band, he gets a little Phil Spector-ish.

“It’s really powerful. We’ve got three fiddles and it’s a wall of sound.”

The award-laden multi-instrumentalist may be forgiven for his hyperbole. He does have a formidable string section, with musicians steeped in legitimate classical technique. But since Flores himself was concertmaster for none other than Ray Price, you can bet that the fiddles will bring strong country cred. And yes, they’ll have a robust fortissimo, too.

Flores breathes new life into the hackneyed descriptor “Renaissance man.” He’s won just about every western music award there is, plus a Grammy for string and brass musical arrangements accompanied by his violin playing for Freddie Fender.

Flores has performed on “Austin City Limits,” at The Grand Ol’ Opry, the Kennedy Center, and even across the pond: Scotland. But he still respects his elders.

“I grew up influenced by Ray Price and his songs,” Flores said. “It was a huge honor to play first fiddle in his band, the Cherokee Cowboys. To be at The Legend Club on the same stage as my old boss man, who was there just a few weeks ago — that’s great.”

Flores spends much of his time as a first-call recording session musician. He also produces CDs for artists of all musical stripes and teaches at the summer music camp at Bulverde Academy of Music. He said performing before a live audience remains his favorite musical activity.

“I love live performance,” Flores said. “We’ve got a great band, and it’s a real rush when we’re onstage. It’s a real strong part of my musical life.”

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