TEMPLE — The Temple Symphony Orchestra season finale concert begins at 7:30 p.m. today in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center at Temple College. The program includes “Finlandia, Op. 26” by Jean Sibelius; “Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47” by Jean Sibelius, featuring Eka Gogichashvili, violinist, and “Symphony No. 3 in E flat major Eroica, Op. 55” by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Gogichashvili is associate professor of violin at Baylor University.

Musical Director and Conductor Thomas Fairlie chose romantic pieces from Beethoven and Finnish composer Sibelius.

“I always select repertoire firstly with the idea that I want to have a musically interesting program for our audience,” Fairlie said. “I tend to be fairly conservative in my choices, that is to say that I pick mostly music from the orchestra repertoire that is from what we call the standards.

“We have never played any Sibelius, and since he is a well-known and popular composer, I felt like it was time for us to do some of his music. The violin concerto is one of the most famous in the violin repertoire and also one of the most difficult for both the soloist and the orchestra,” Fairlie said.

“I wanted to stay with the romantic theme for the entire concert. Since Beethoven is considered by most people to be the greatest symphonist of all time I believe that an orchestra needs to perform his music somewhat regularly. It has been two years since I put one of his symphonies into our season and I thought that the ‘Eroica’ would be a great match with the romantic music of Sibelius on the first half.”

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