The Resentments, an Austin-based band, will headline the Texas Music Series on Saturday at Temple’s Cultural Activities Center.

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There was a time when the Austin music scene was less self-conscious, before all the national media attention focused on the local bands, singers and songwriters.

A throwback to the unaffected, good-times music from that era will perform Saturday at Temple’s Cultural Activities Center when The Resentments returns to the stage.

Formed by five bandleaders on April Fool’s Day in 1998 at the Saxon Pub, a popular Austin bar, what started as an excuse to get together and trade songs became a bonafide band. The Resentments exhibit a good-natured disregard for each other and maintain an open door policy that welcomes any other musical friend that comes by.

According to the CAC, “folk, R&B, pop, country, blues, rock and roll — the labels become irrelevant and before you know it you’re just listening to music.”

The band is known for its varying, eclectic set lists with brand-new songs, old favorites and tunes from their respective bands contributing to the onstage melange.

Performances contrast electric as well as acoustic formats and the band always seems to feel free to try anything, trading instruments as the spirit moves members.

The Resentments made their CAC debut in 2011, “and we’re thrilled to have them back,” said Jane Boone, marketing director for the center.

Saturday’s concert is a part of the Temple Cultural Arts Center 2014 Texas Music Series, which includes Michael Martin Murphy on March 15 and James McMurtry on May 10, among others.

The band’s spontaneous, free-form vibe is a refreshing change-up from the slick, assembly line performance formulas used by some other groups. As the Temple Cultural Arts Center states, The Resentments “guarantee that tonight’s show is going to be different from last night’s show — and that’s about the only promise they’ll keep.”

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