Meadow Dancers

A sculpture called "Meadow Dancers" is seen at the Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden in Lampasas in April. On Saturday, children can make and fly kites around the piece during the Family Art in the Park event.

LAMPASAS — Southern winds and zero chance of precipitation are forecast for this weekend’s Family Art in the Park event at Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden.

The highlight craft of this weekend’s event hosted by the Lampasas Association for the Arts will be a kite-making station for children of all ages to make a simple creation they can fly on-site.

“If they want to bring their own kite, that’s fine,” said Brenda Melder, a volunteer with LAFTA.

“We have a big space by ‘Meadow Dancer’ (a sculpture in the garden) that’s perfect.”

In addition, stations to create glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat bags, costumes and other crafts will be available, along with activities and games.

“We like to focus on children because the schools keep cutting more and more art and music back,” said Melder. “It’s just something we can do.”

There is no cost for admission or taking part in crafts or activities at Family Art in the Park and the sculpture garden is a good place for family fun, according to a release.

“The weather’s going to be very mild. We’ll have south winds at about five to 10 miles an hour, which should make it perfect,” said Melder. “We’d like to see as many people out there as possible and the sky above the park filled with all kinds of color.”

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