Composer Jonathan Cring and oboist Janet Clazzy perform as the duo “Spirited.” They’ve toured across the U.S. and will perform at 6 p.m. Saturday at the First Methodist Church in Gatesville.

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The inspirational performing duo known as Spirited will bring its genre-crossing brand of entertainment to the First United Methodist Church of Gatesville on Saturday.

Composer, screenwriter and pianist Jonathan Cring and oboist Janet Clazzy have combined their talents and will perform a 50-minute show called “567: Go Tell It From the Mount.”

The work is a condensation of Cring’s longer piece, “Mountain,” described by the composer as a “Broadway-style musical,” and incorporates singing, stand-up comedy, the requisite Bible lessons and the woodwind stylings of Clazzy.

“We started this tour the Sunday after Christmas,” Clazzy said. “And we’re booked in over 50 cities.”

The musical pair has worked together for 18 years, and are looking forward to performing together in Gatesville, she said.

“The first version of ‘Mountain’ toured 25 cities back in 1978,” Clazzy said. “It’s a musical and word version of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, 6 and 7 with a little touch of rock opera.”

The message is updated with current insights and the occasional contemporary barb.

“I’ve always believed that the key to great performance is to leave people feeling inspired, so they are glad they allowed themselves to become open and feel free,” Cring said.

The musical potpourri includes a wide range, from Dixieland to elements of rap, according to the performers. In addition to familiar biblical lessons from the Sermon on the Mount, the message that “no one is better than anyone else” is touted as an audience take-away.

“Entertainment goes hand in hand with the scriptures,” Clazzy said. “So we add humor along with the great thoughts, feelings and heart.”

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