LOS ANGELES — World, it’s time to meet the girl.

The ’90s introduced a generation of viewers to a popcorn-haired squirt named Cory Matthews, and his tight-knit circle — bad boy bestie Shawn Hunter and quirky true love Topanga Lawrence. For seven years, as part of ABC’s popular “TGIF” prime-time programming block, the coming-of-age comedy “Boy Meets World” was a fixture in youngster-skewing households.

Now, 14 years later, the world has a new acquaintance to make. Today at 8:45 p.m., the Disney Channel will unveil the much talked about/tweeted about/squealed about “BMW” successor, “Girl Meets World.”

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, the stewards of “TGIF” royal couple Cory and Topanga, reprise their roles, only this time they are parents to the heir-apparent squirt: 11-year-old Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard). She is joined in her preteen antics by best friend Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter).

“It’s a passing of the baton,” Savage said recently from the Disney Channel offices. “It’s so much more fun and interesting to now be the adult looking on at all the clowning around.”

At a time when networks are gaga for prequels, spinoffs and reboots, “Girl Meets World” presents an interesting strategy: catching up with familiar characters while also trying to land a new generation. But will twentysomethings (and older) tune in with their kids, assuming they have them? And will all the nostalgic excitement translate into decent ratings?

“It really is to be determined,” Fishel said.

But 12-year-old Blanchard, who was plucked from an open casting call, just wants people to keep an open mind. “I think people are expecting Season 6 or Season 7 of ‘Boy Meets World,’ and I want them to remember back to Season 1 where it was about kids growing into who they’ll be.”

Michael Jacobs, the creator of the original series that launched in 1993 and is back at the helm, won’t speculate on what-ifs. The Disney Channel, a unit of the Disney-ABC Television Group, was the force behind the new series.

“To add to our mix of comedies on our schedule, we felt the time was right to again explore new, funny yet heartfelt stories for a contemporary audience of kids and tweens.” Adam Bonnett, executive vice president of original programming for Disney Channels Worldwide. “Our teams began buzzing from the moment Michael Jacobs ... began talking to us about re-imagining but not redoing ABC’s classic series ‘Boy Meets World’ for a new audience.”

What Jacobs said he pitched was “not a sequel so much as a continuation” — one that the Disney Channel executives quickly embraced. While the original was set in Philadelphia, “Girl Meets World” would drop in on Cory and Topanga more than a decade later in New York, where they decided to move in the series finale of the original. As the 33-year-old parents to two children — Riley and younger brother, Auggie. Cory would have dual roles as a father and teacher, thus channeling his inner Mr. Feeny.

“If either Ben or Danielle had turned it down, I believe we would not have gone forward,” Jacobs said. “The great thing about ‘Boy Meets World’ is Cory and Topanga are one. And I think having one without the other, there is no series.”

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