By Alicia Lacy

Killeen Daily Herald

The Adrian Empire helps people learn about history by re-enacting it.

Saturday, the Adrian Empire's Duchy of Bisqaia will host a demonstration for the Copperas Cove Senior Center and anyone else interested in attending.

The Adrian Empire is a nonprofit, educational group that was established in 1987.

The group re-creates history between 1066 and 1603.

The group immerses itself in medieval and renaissance-era history to produce a real-life history of the era that can't be understood from a book, information from the organization's website states.

Saturday's event will be the second time the group has hosted this demonstration for the center.

The demonstration will include a knighting ceremony, archery, combat and a feast, in addition to other activities and crafts from that time.

Charles and Deborah Dewart have transformed a building on their land into a Medieval Feast Hall that includes a stage, archery range, ship deck and field for combat.

Members of the empire create and develop characters and personas based on what they know about the people who lived during the time period.

Sir Gilbert Ost Westley, Charles' persona, is an English archer, he said.

The demonstrations are held to educate people about the time period and recruit members to the organization, Charles said.

There are 25 subdivisions within the empire: kingdoms, archduchies, duchies and shires, spread across the country.

Kingdoms are subdivisions with more than 100 members. A king and a queen rule kingdoms.

Subdivisions with 50 to 99 members are called archduchies and are ruled by an archduke and an archduchess.

Duchies have between 20 and 49 members and are ruled by a duke and a duchess.

Shires have between one and 19 members. A viceroy governs shires.

The property's feast hall and grounds have a capacity of 100.

The duchy currently has 45 members. Dewart said the group has been large enough to be an archduchy, but because of the transient population, the number of members fluctuates.

For more information, call (254) 526-5672 or go to

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If you go

What: Medieval re-enactment

When: 2 p.m. Saturday

Where: 294 Burk Road, Copperas Cove

Cost: Free

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