‘Tuna’ returns to Central Texas

Herald/Steven Doll - Allan Lueck, who plays Amber Windchime, and Gary Gosney, who plays Star Birdfeather, perform a scene from the play “Red, White and Tuna” during a rehearsal Wednesday evening at the Temple Civic Theatre.

By Alicia Lacy

Killeen Daily Herald

Allan Lueck and Gary Gosney look at theater as a form of escapism and starting Aug. 13, the two will help their audience escape from the rest of the world.

For three weekends, the two will enthrall their audience with laughter when they assume the roles of 10 characters each for the production of "Red, White and Tuna."

"Red, White and Tuna" is the third play in the Tuna series and will be the second installment the two have performed.

Lueck and Gosney began performing the "Greater Tuna" play in the mid-1990s as a fundraiser for the Temple Civic Theatre building, according to information from the theater.

Because the popularity of the show grew, the two performed the show several more times in Central Texas since.

"Theater makes people think, laugh, brings tears and sadness," Gosney said. "Theater is a reflection of what society is or was, and this show reflects smal-town Texas."

"People understand small-town Texas," Lueck added.

The show is about the Fourth of July high school reunion in Tuna, which is the third-smallest city in Texas.

"Red, White and Tuna" captures the essence of small-town Texas, Lueck said, which many attendees can relate to, even if they're not from Texas or a small town.

Lueck and Gosney play each of the residents in the small town - male and female - through the use of several costume and voice changes to capture each residents' personality.

Gosney said the set is sparse, which allows the audience to use its imagination to see what the characters see.

Using only a couple of tables, chairs and stools, the two create the set and atmosphere for the show to help the audience envision Tuna.

"Everything is pretend," he said. "In our mind we see them and as the audience goes along they will start to see it and picture it."

Though the show is non-stop laughter with several clever lines, Lueck and Gosney said the show has its poignant moments, but they don't last very long before the next witty line is delivered.

The chemistry between Lueck and Gosney as they take on the lives of 10 characters each comes easy. The two have been friends for about 40 years.

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