With cold weather finally here, it’s officially decision time for Central Texas coat shoppers. Wait much longer and you could be left with the dregs at the bottom of the barrel.

There’s still good news — solutions to your warm wardrobe shortfalls and some stylish fashion surprises await you at local retailers.

“Our selection of outerwear this winter season is the best yet,” said Andrew Millhollen, JCPenney in Killeen Mall store leader. But don’t take too much longer to check out the biggest trends in coats, apparel experts warn: 2013 Christmas shopping shows an unexpected uptick in sales. Let us guide you through the season’s marvelous maze of catchy coats.


Designers like Stella McCartney introduced generous, oversize overcoats for this winter that elegantly combine fashion and function. Banish thoughts of 1990s, lost-in-the-acres-of-fabric designs — as long as the coat fits across your shoulders, all is well. Both faux and genuine leather as well as heavier cotton poly blends make for a wide assortment of outer wear choices.


Call it a jacket, call it a coat — it’s supremely versatile, serving as an autumn staple that can be layered over a sweater or two, and as your winter casual go-to number. Think classic black (Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones”) or leopard print (Phillip Lim), or the infinity between.

“The faux leather moto jackets are really big this season,” said Anna Torvi, manager at Dillard’s in Killeen Mall. “Some have fur lining, others are light enough that they can be worn as a staple in your wardrobe as well as outer wear.”

Car coat

Parka, trench or peacoat — arguably the best choice, it’s fabulous in all shapes, sizes and colors. Oversize, pale pinks, chic bomber styles

compete with the classic, nostalgic double-breasted peacoat and its romantic seagoing tradition.

“Peacoats and London Fog trench coats have been very popular this season,” said Hosea Montague, manager at Burlington Coat Factory’s Killeen Mall store. “Mid-thigh length leather car coats from Michael Kors are also a trend that is catching on in Killeen.”


Dancing that fine line between casual and dressy, the Edwardian era inspired designers like the ever-popular Ralph Lauren to re-imagine the classic cut with fitted, preppy-looking styles accented by wider collars and roomier waists. This look hearkens back to influences found in art and styles of Europe circa 1900-10, during the reign of England’s King Edward VII — leader of the fashionable elite. As Estelle demonstrated at the Disaroono bottle launch, it’s possible to pair a collarless version with anything from jeans to ultra-glam gowns, or a collared style with a dress and Doc Marten’s.

So, the good news? No worries — there’s still a wide range of eye-catching and practical coats to choose from. The bad? You’ll probably want to buy them all.

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its kinda pathetic that you people think it gets cold here

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