Supremely stylish and fully functional — is any fashion footwear more versatile and practical than boots?

From a western/equestrian look, to a down-home country feel, or to the urban fashionista mien, today’s boots lend polish to jeans and can ground your more delicate apparel. On those chilly autumn days and evenings, they make skirts and dresses warmer and more wearable.

Boots enhance the versatility of your wardrobe, and every woman needs a pair — or three. And Central Texas retailers are ready and waiting to share their newly stocked inventory.

“We have tons of boots in the store,” said Simona Olguen, manager at Deb Shops, Killeen Mall. “We get shipments almost every day — you name it, we have it: colors from black, gray, olive drab, shades of brown and tan.”

For practicality and style cred, here are five boot tips:

Look ladylike: Favor high-heeled boots instead of pumps. With fuller skirts, it’s more refined if your hem just falls over the top of your boot. If the shape is fitted, leave a few inches between hem and boot.

Tuck in those skinny jeans: Choose the jeans-inside-shaft for a glamorous vibe, but beware: It’s best for only the skinniest legs.

Cowboy/girl boots can be less fitted: The straight cut and more generous shaft makes them so easy to slip on and off, and it’s simple to tuck pants inside. Yes, they’re more casual, but will proclaim your awareness of Lone Star fashion — and can still look refined.

High boots keep you warm: A must-have for fall and winter, they allow you to wear lighter-weight skirts and dresses when the temps are colder. Relegate them to the rear of your closet when the mercury rises — they’ll look out of place in hot weather.

Channel your inner style renegade: Go ultramodern. Ready to appear edgy-cool? Try an ankle boot, booties or even more fly — the “shootie” — seasonless, just like the bootie; high in the vamp but with less coverage.

Karrin Chaplin at Buckle, Killeen Mall, touts their “huge selection,” and emphasizes the store’s wide variety. “We have a boot for everyone from West Coast boho styles to sparkly girly-girls to edgy hardware-embellished combat boots.”

And Olguen said Deb has “a great selection of wedge booties and spike-heeled shooties, too.”

Able to dramatize your wardrobe, intensify a look with buckles and studs, or as a comfy but chic alternative to an evening stiletto — the boot fills many shoes.

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