When Ann Aker, 45, walks down the aisle to greet her groom, Tom Bogus, in July, she wants to be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown.

“I want to be able to walk into the dress shop and be able to pick out a sleeveless gown with confidence,” she said. “I wouldn’t dream of being able to do that now.”

To keep honest, she works out with her personal trainer, Jessica Davis, head trainer at Heritage Park Fitness in Harker Heights, four times a week.

“Working out with Jessica encourages me to come in because I know she is waiting for me,” she said. “I can’t just stand someone up.”

In addition to gaining self confidence and making her fiancé’s draw drop when the church doors open, she wants to be able to keep up with the 20 3-year-olds she teaches in her classroom every day.

“I’m tired of feeling sluggish and grumpy and having back pain. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t want to get dressed,” she said. “I’m tired of living like this. I just want to feel better.”

Aside from her work in the gym, Aker has modified her diet and is watching her sugar and carb in take, as well as keeping an eye on fat and calories, a crucial component in weight loss success.

Aker, the mother of two, said she has spent her entire life doing things for her kids. Now that they are all grown up, she said it’s time to focus on her.

“I’ve been divorced for 14 years and I was a single mom, working and putting myself through grad school,” she said. “I definitely let myself slide.”

Three weeks into her regime, Aker plans to try on wedding gowns in March. Since taking the first step by getting her gym membership, she has already felt a change and has more energy to get through her workday.

“Now when I wake up, my back isn’t hurting,” she said. “Instead, my back is sore from a good workout, but it’s a good pain.”

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