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Each month has special designations. Some are more well-known than others. While there are also many highlights to which we should perhaps pay special attention. Throughout December we may see more ads, read more articles or hear lots of information about both Colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both of these issues are conditions that impact our colon. Sadly, no one likes to talk about our colon or bowels, or things like diarrhea. However, these are serious conditions that can make life very uncomfortable. These are issues that need to be discussed with your primary care physician and perhaps with a specialist if they are ongoing and need special treatment. Both are treatable!

World AIDS Day was celebrated on December 1. Again, few people are willing to discuss “AIDS.” It is often a deadly disease that is often misunderstood. It can develop from bad behaviors like drug addiction. However, it can also develop after someone receives a blood transfusion and months down the road it is found that the blood was infected. (Note: Testing to prevent this has greatly improved). People however are unwilling to discuss this contagious and often deadly disease.

Flu season is here and was recently discussed in last week’s article. Toy safety is another huge medical issue this month with the coming holidays and all the gift buying. Be sure to buy age appropriate toys. Read the box/label to see if the toy has passed a US Inspection to ensure it is safe, especially when being imported from places like China.

The biggest and perhaps most important health safety issue highlighted in December is handwashing. Yes, I’ve written about this before. It is one of the easiest and yet one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of diseases including influenza (flu). When visiting the hospitals, it is important to use the hand sanitizer when you enter to eliminate bringing germs into the hospital. It is also important to use the hand sanitizer when leaving to insure you don’t take anything home with you. This is also true when visiting any health care provider.

And perhaps the rule of always washing our hands when using the bathroom as well as before and after eating a meal are good practices that should be continued on a daily basis to help our own bodies as well as all those around us.

Let’s have a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season!

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