Peggy and Christine Wells have always struggled with their weights.  But the mother-daughter duo has taken matters into their own hands - and their feet - to get moving and take control of their lives.

“I struggled with weight all my life," said Christine Wells, 28. "In elementary school, I didn’t understand I was overweight. In junior high, there were many extra-curricular activities that I couldn’t do and that’s when I noticed I had problems.”

By junior high, the pre-teen was 5’3” and weighed over 200 pounds. By high school, she was being bullied because of her weight by other students.

“Kids would say things about my physical features and the way I carried myself,"said Christine Wells. "I held myself back. It sucked. But I didn’t think about how it was affecting me.”

When Christine Wells was 24, her father was diagnosed with diabetes and that was her wake-up call.

"It was the slap into reality that I needed to get myself into check. My body type is my dad’s—broad shoulders and broad hips,” said Christine Wells. “It is very emotional to see what my dad is going through with his weight, sickness, doctor’s bills. It breaks my heart to see my dad the way he is.”

Her weight peaked at 298 pounds. In 2010, she began taking Zumba classes and lost 30 pounds in the first year. But she had not changed what she was eating and the weight was slow to come off.

In September 2012, Christine Wells said she learned how to jog and breathe properly and progressed to strength training. She did a mixture of both along with Zumba over the next 18 months. She replaced her meals with nutrition shakes and lost 10 pounds within the first week and has continued to see progress losing 45 pounds and six pant sizes. She works full time at a nursing home and has become a certified Zumba instructor.

Christine Wells’ long-term goal is to get under 200 pounds. Her mother, Peggy Wells, 52, was inspired by her daughter's weight loss and started her own journey to lose weight.

“It took her two years to convince me to finally do Zumba," Peggy Wells said. "I thought I would look like Bo-bo, the clown. I am so uncoordinated."

In August 2011, she tried Zumba and liked it. She lost 48 pounds over the next year but knew she needed to do more to reach her goal of losing more than 100 pounds. So she turned to hypnosis after meeting a hypnotist at the Rabbit Festival in Copperas Cove.

“With hypnosis, I am able to keep my motivation going," Peggy Wells said. "It has helped lower my blood pressure. My blood sugar is lowered. I started losing weight. It helped me with motivation, cravings, my energy and my focus. I am on a mission and cannot be stopped. That just keeps playing over and over and keeps me going. I continue to meet goals and I am not stopping.”

At 5-6, she weighed more than 300 pounds.  To date, she has lost 84 pounds, including 34 pounds and four jean sizes through hypnosis alone. Peggy Wells wants to get under 200 pounds, just like her daughter, said she will accomplish her goal.

She was recently diagnosed with arthritis in her knee and has to have injections to coat the cartilage in the joints. Her weight has been a major factor in the knee problems she is experiencing now. But that is not slowing her down. She exercises daily and walks on a track during her lunch hour.

“I am now a fitness junkie. I have to have my fix. I get irritated if I cannot work out,” Peggy Wells said. “I want to see 198 pounds. I have not been under 300 pounds since 1983. I am well on my way to my goal.”

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Hello There! Hello to Christine! I think its awesome that both mother and daughter are taking up Zumba. I went to elementary school and part of Junior High with Christine. In intermediate school, we would sometimes walk home. She lived up the road from me. I moved away before junior high ended. She was always sweet and kind to me. Christine you're a beautiful SOUL!!! Keep up the Fitness and don't let anything stop you on your journey!

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