HARKER HEIGHTS — It started when a radio DJ delighted students with cartoon character impersonations at Fort Sam Houston Elementary School, but it lit a fire inside fifth-grader Jordan Brinkman.

“It blew me away that people could do character voices and make a living doing it, and that’s what I wanted to do,” Brinkman said.

Now, the 25-year-old Harker Heights actor is completing an independent short film in San Antonio, “Walking Dead Ten Years,” in which he plays Carl, a main supporting character.

After that film wraps, Brinkman has several more auditions and begins work in another independent film, “A Tribute to All Haunting,” shooting in Austin.

Life is busy and exciting for the aspiring local actor and son of Maj. John and Kristy Brinkman. His father is a surgical nurse currently assigned to the 31st Combat Support Hospital at Fort Bliss and is part of a joint medical mission with the United Kingdom in Southwest Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

“I started doing character impersonations for school friends by memorizing several seasons of cartoons and it helped build my memorization and character skills,” Brinkman said.

He starred in his first high school play and also taught himself to play the guitar by practicing up to 12 hours a

day. When he was rejected by an art college, he pursued acting even more, appearing in plays at Central Texas College, where he studied drama, and Vive Les Arts Theatre.

“Acting is about investing yourself in a character in given circumstances and believing the world you are creating,” he said.

Last year, he was cast as an extra in the canceled NBC series “Revolution” that filmed near Austin, where he made contacts, including a Central Texas acting group. This spring, he refocused solely on his career.

“It was a matter of getting myself out there to do the work,” he said.

In three months, Brinkman has shot six productions, including indies, commercials and trailers for films in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Directors Juan Chavez and Robert Sanchez of “Walking Dead Ten Years,” praised his talents and enthusiasm.

“We pulled the trigger on Jordan, and after two full days of filming and more on rehearsals and training, we knew there was never anyone else for the role,” the directors said.

Kristy Brinkman knows the acting world is tough, but she offers cautious support for her son’s career.

“I hope Jordan finds his big break and gets his dream to come true,” she said.

For her son, nothing will stand in the way of what he is destined to do.

“I’m a story-teller and acting is an opportunity to be part of someone’s story,” Jordan Brinkman said. “Being an actor, I can be any and everything.”

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