They say you’re supposed to reverse the direction of ceiling fans in the winter to improve the circulation of warm air, thus helping your furnace’s heating efficiency while reducing your utility bill. But most homes have their warm air ducts at floor level. My house is a little funny in that…

March is the “transition” month. We begin transitioning from winter to spring. I know recently in Killeen the weather says we are already in spring, but mentally my mind thinks March. I begin planning my garden and decorating for spring.

There has been a storm brewing in North Carolina and it is one that will prove to beautify our landscapes across the country. The Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station in Mills River N.C. already horticultural heroes of sorts with their incredible white flowered Sweet Tea Mountain Go…

We repainted our kitchen recently, and now there is a spot over our back door that has been begging for attention. Since the space is over 6 feet long, finding a picture to go there has been a challenge. The other day I decided to make something to fill the space. I absolutely love it and wa…

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Walking down our long Crape Myrtle Allee we have several large Vietnamese glazed pots filled with cool season flowers. For this to be the first week in February, they are looking rather impressive thanks to what may be the perfect Valentine’s Day plant, the Persian cyclamen. …

One of the joys of my job is working with interesting, smart, accomplished people. Some are stay-at-home parents, some work outside the home part time, others full time. Some are married, others are divorced, and some are single. Whatever differences exist, they all seem to have one thing in…

Boys are fun to raise. With that being said, mud and dirt come with the territory. I am certainly not against getting dirty. In fact, I encourage my boys to play outside frequently. But I am against dirt and mud in my sink.

Walking around the garden, I was astonished by the beauty of grass that was so picturesque backlit by the sun. It was a muhly grass but not the pink cotton candy looking one you admire in the fall. This was bamboo muhly native to Arizona. You don’t normally think about plants native to Arizo…

Before winter break I noticed my boys were becoming too distracted by each other while doing their school work. I wanted an area they could both use that would double as their own space. I ended up building a moveable wall. Hopefully they will have ownership over their “office” and focus on school.

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While I am not at all artistic, not a doodler and not talented in beautiful lettering, I do love journaling and list making. So, naturally, I love the idea of bullet journaling. This new trend for quick, short, daily jotting down of ideas, doodles and lists is perfect for busy women who want to capture every day’s moments, but just simply don’t have the time for lengthy diary entries.