Earthworms are our friends, right? Not necessarily.

Some like it hot; others prefer to chill.

It’s really been amusing watching visitors get out of their cars, and start taking photos of shrubs around the parking lot. Sometimes we even laughingly call these tough-as-nails plants “parking lot shrub.” The plant I am referring to is Mrs. Schiller’s Delight, a selection of the native Wal…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Hanging from the ceiling or making a major green statement in any room, houseplants are back in style.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — As fans of midcentury modern design, Keith Zabel and husband Randy Shemaitis were drawn to Palm Springs and its wealth of modernist architecture.

They say you’re supposed to reverse the direction of ceiling fans in the winter to improve the circulation of warm air, thus helping your furnace’s heating efficiency while reducing your utility bill. But most homes have their warm air ducts at floor level. My house is a little funny in that…

LOS ANGELES — The link to the outdoors and the gentle ocean breezes that circulate through the two-story home’s many transom windows play huge roles in making the home feel special.

PRIOR LAKE, Minn. — Glynn Crooks is the commander-in-chief of his Prior Lake house.

The word on the street (I’ve always wanted to say that) is that the Dutch iris is a short-lived perennial. Tell that to Romano an incredible showy bloomer that we have in the garden which was planted in the late 1990s. I’ve led a life comparable to a house flipper so my personal experience o…

March is the “transition” month. We begin transitioning from winter to spring. I know recently in Killeen the weather says we are already in spring, but mentally my mind thinks March. I begin planning my garden and decorating for spring.

Every year as spring approaches, I begin thinking about deep cleaning my house. There is a feeling of rejuvenation as the sun shines through the windows and the house is sparkling clean. This year, the spring cleaning bug appears to have bitten me a little sooner thanks to our warm weather.

There has been a storm brewing in North Carolina and it is one that will prove to beautify our landscapes across the country. The Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station in Mills River N.C. already horticultural heroes of sorts with their incredible white flowered Sweet Tea Mountain Go…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sometimes, you just want to get away. You crave a little personal space, a place you can relax, work, get creative and make a mess without guilt.

BAYPORT, Minn. — Saying that Tammy Jorgenson gardens is like saying Mozart played some music.

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. — The white, two-story house looks like a rustic steel cabin.

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Open spaces provide areas for certain species of birds to forage for food. But it can also spell danger. Layering tall, medium and low plants throughout the yard allows birds to take cover when they need it.

After seeing some incredible mixed containers I told my young horticulturist son I had a vision of writing a column called Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, kind of a play on words from Simon and Garfunkel’s famous album by the same name and of course the lyrics from “Scarborough Fair.” Th…

DALLAS — Seven-year-old Karmen Mudd dug her finger into the cool, damp dirt, scooping a shallow hole in the raised bed.

Home sellers need to understand that buyers today have access to more information and are more educated and savvy than ever before.

Artist and designer Susan Hable recently joined Post staff writer Jura Koncius on our Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Like fashion, decorating trends come in waves. One day, everyone wants a sputnik light fixture in their foyer, and the next they want a Moroccan Beni Ourain-style rug on their living room floor. If my clients’ wishes are any indication of what the next trend will be, then I’m predicting that…

We repainted our kitchen recently, and now there is a spot over our back door that has been begging for attention. Since the space is over 6 feet long, finding a picture to go there has been a challenge. The other day I decided to make something to fill the space. I absolutely love it and wa…

Recently, while my husband and I were wandering around Lowe’s, I perused the marked down paint — full of items not wanted by the original customer. For example, if a color is not mixed correctly or a customer decides not to buy it after the paint is mixed, the paint is marked down for other …

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sue Bennett became a gardening advocate by accident. Now it’s her full-time cause.

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Walking down our long Crape Myrtle Allee we have several large Vietnamese glazed pots filled with cool season flowers. For this to be the first week in February, they are looking rather impressive thanks to what may be the perfect Valentine’s Day plant, the Persian cyclamen. …

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Well, it isn’t exactly a burst of springtime bloom, but flowers are starting to open up nicely. Even after the deep freeze that hit two weeks ago, many winter flowers are amazing us with their bravado.

One of the joys of my job is working with interesting, smart, accomplished people. Some are stay-at-home parents, some work outside the home part time, others full time. Some are married, others are divorced, and some are single. Whatever differences exist, they all seem to have one thing in…

You’ve been bitten by the wine bug in a big way. Bottles are stacking up on your kitchen counter, you’ve started naming your wine keys, and you’re on a first-name basis with a local merchant who specializes only in Champagne and sherry.

Matthew Costello, a senior historian for the White House Historical Association, recently joined Post staff writer Jura Koncius on our Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Several months ago, my mom made the move from Iowa to Texas. She bought a cute house in Harker Heights. It had almost everything she wanted in a home. But one thing had not been updated — the bathroom.

Soft metallics such as gold, brass and copper add glamour and warmth to any room, said designer Dabito, who runs the studio Old Brand New.

Yeah, I’ve reached that age.

When Dan Bawden teaches contractors and builders about aging-in-place, he has them get into a wheelchair. See what it’s like to try to do things from this perspective, he tells them.

The first hint of spring is trumpeting, so to speak, in the South with the arrival of the narcissus or daffodil. I hate writing about flowers that are opposite their planting season but on the other hand, there are certainly some lessons that can be learned. The biggest lesson to be learned …

At a point in the ninth century, someone noticed a problem with all those ancient handwritten texts: The scribes had left their Caps Lock on.

In an age when there’s an app for everything, pen and paper organizers are where it’s at.

CORNUCOPIA, Wis. — In a spot along the back border of Ellen Akins’ sprawling backyard, where the lawn wages a dogged battle against the ever-encroaching woods of northern Wisconsin, lies the Island of Misfit Plants.

I’ve often said my fireplace is one of the things that gets me through winter, and now I have an explanation for why: hygge.

One of the best ways to discover a DIY project is to be in a bind.

Forget about fake news; it’s fake flowers that have my attention. Actually, they are not fake; they are the brilliantly colorful primula. Recently, the astonishing color and beauty had passers-by gawking in amazement.

PHILADELPHIA — In the showroom of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the warehouse-size furniture thrift store, there is lots and lots of brown — huge beige couches, vintage wooden dressers, tables and chairs in hues ranging from beige to ochre to umber.

Washingtonians started getting inundated with texts months ago as family, friends and friends of friends began inquiring about places to crash the weekend of Jan. 20.

Boys are fun to raise. With that being said, mud and dirt come with the territory. I am certainly not against getting dirty. In fact, I encourage my boys to play outside frequently. But I am against dirt and mud in my sink.

Walking around the garden, I was astonished by the beauty of grass that was so picturesque backlit by the sun. It was a muhly grass but not the pink cotton candy looking one you admire in the fall. This was bamboo muhly native to Arizona. You don’t normally think about plants native to Arizo…

Whether your gallery wall contains rare French lithographs or drawings by your children, you should do your best to protect what you have chosen to display.

Pantone selected its 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, based on research that shows everyone just wants a big, deep breath of air. “We don’t all have access to the green forest, but we do have access to things we can bring into our home environment,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director…

Before winter break I noticed my boys were becoming too distracted by each other while doing their school work. I wanted an area they could both use that would double as their own space. I ended up building a moveable wall. Hopefully they will have ownership over their “office” and focus on school.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — Like vines wrapped around the edges of a bamboo bar, theirs is a love intertwined with Tiki.

It wasn’t long ago I was hiking around Blue Ridge, Ga., and came across a few terrific looking heuchera or coral bells, which I had only seen previously for sale in garden centers. All heuchera species are native to the United States including this Heuchera villosa native in the Southeast fr…

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Design could be as simple as black and white this year. In a home, the look is dramatic, daring and timeless. Interior designer Dorothy Draper was known for her use of black and white as far back as the 1930s.

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