Several months ago, my mom made the move from Iowa to Texas. She bought a cute house in Harker Heights. It had almost everything she wanted in a home. But one thing had not been updated — the bathroom.

The cabinets had been painted on the outside but the inside was terribly neglected. The drawers were stained and wouldn’t come clean. Some parts of the drawers looked like particle board. She also felt they were just “gross.”

She thought about painting the inside of the drawers, but she didn’t want the paint to scratch over time. She also wanted a barrier between the inside of the drawer and her toiletries.

She decided to make drawer liners using fabric and Mod Podge. They turned out so pretty I knew I needed to share this idea with you.

Making drawer liners can be a great solution for oddly sized drawers. Because you pick the fabric, you can literally make it whatever you want. I am thinking about doing this for my kitchen cabinets when I redo my kitchen. Wouldn’t it be precious to do this in a baby room on shelves, too?

You will need:

Fabric (enough to line the drawers).

Mod Podge (one bottle).

A foam brush.

Measuring tape.


First, cut the fabric 2 inches or so larger than the inside of the drawer you plan to line. You will cut it to fit later.

Next, lay the fabric on a plastic trash bag or waxed paper. Using a foam brush, paint the fabric with Mod Podge, completely covering the entire piece.

Let it dry completely. Depending on the humidity, this could take three to eight hours. It will almost feel like thin cardboard and will be stiff.

Once dry, measure and cut the fabric to fit the inside of the drawer. The Mod Podge will prevent fraying.

You can now put the fabric liner in the drawer. My mom stopped here. If you don’t own your house or you don’t want something that you cannot undo, you should stop here, too.

If you want, you can paint more Mod Podge on top of the fabric liner once it’s in the drawer. This would make it a challenge to remove later but would provide a bit more protection.

Whatever way you choose, it will be beautiful. My mom is very happy with the way this project turned out. She contemplated buying a new vanity, but now she says, “I think I’m going to keep it.” I love how she saved money, kept this vanity from the landfill, and has a sense of pride in her bathroom. I am proud of her. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with. Please be sure to send me pictures. Until next time, happy drawer lining.

Kindra Warner is a Herald correspondent. Contact her at

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