We repainted our kitchen recently, and now there is a spot over our back door that has been begging for attention. Since the space is over 6 feet long, finding a picture to go there has been a challenge. The other day I decided to make something to fill the space. I absolutely love it and want to share the decor idea with you.

You will need:

Spray paint

Piece of wood

Vinyl wall quote

Sawtooth hanger for the back of your wood

Gel stain (optional)

If you get your board from Lowe’s in Killeen, they have a section for paint-grade wood. There are even precut wood circles in this area. You can buy a 3-foot board for $6.54 or a 6-foot piece for $11.94. I bought the 6-foot board. While here you can also get sawtooth hangers in the aisle with the nails and screws.

I purchased vinyl lettering from Hobby Lobby in Killeen. These are the quotes designed for placing on the wall. If it’s not on sale, be sure to use the 40 percent off coupon. They can be pricey. Mine was $14.98.

To start, I did not sand the wood. I simply took it outside and spray painted two coats on one side (don’t forget the edges). Be cautious of drip marks from spraying too close. After your board dries, bring it back in the house.

Lay your decal on top of the wood for placement before you peel the backing off. Measure both ends to make sure you have the same distance from the edge of the board on both sides. This ensures your decal is centered.

Once placement is determined, use a credit card or the enclosed card to push all the lettering to the board. Then slowly peel the back off. If your lettering starts to stay on the backing, use the card to gently separate the two. It is important to go easy on this step or you can rip the decal.

Once the decal is in place, use a clean rag to gently rub the decal onto the wood. This ensures all areas of the letters stick.

One of my favorite products to use is gel stain. I am partial to General Finishes, but you have to buy it online through Amazon. This step is optional, but I love the way it enhances the sign.

Dip a rag into the stain. Dab it on the edges of the board, being careful to make it not look perfect. Dab some stain and rub or blend it in with the dry side of the rag. A little goes a long way with gel stain. After all the edges are outlined, rub a few spots of stain throughout the middle so it blends with the edges. Don’t forget to do the outside edges of the board. They will be visible when you hang your masterpiece. Once dry, turn the board over and attach sawtooth hangers to the back. If you use a large piece of wood, attach two hangers a couple of feet apart. Measure to make sure they are the same distance from the top of the board.

Once attached, hammer some nails in the wall, hang your fabulous art, step back and admire what you made. Aren’t you impressed with your skills? You should be. Until next time, happy art making.

Kindra Warner is a Herald correspondent. Contact her at Southernbelle83@yahoo.com.

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