WACO — Many types of plants are available to spruce up your work space. The Grounds Guys want to make shopping for office plants simple.

Adding a touch of green to a work space has proven wellness benefits, from improving moods to purifying the air.

There are various factors that should be considered when buying plants for the office, ranging from the amount of sunlight needed to how often they should be watered to the type of soil they should be planted in.

Lemon Balm

A fragrant lemon balm plant is the perfect addition to the office because research suggests this plant stimulates the brain by improving mood and boosting workplace wellness. The lemon balm can tolerate full sunlight or hardly any sunlight, which makes it the perfect plant for anywhere in the office. The care is simple, too. Plant in a size-appropriate pot with rich soil and water frequently.

Peace Lily

An eye-catching peace lily is one of the best plants for purifying the air in the office. This plant also thrives in the shade, so it will do fine far away from windows. The peace lily also does not need to be watered daily. Keeping the soil moist will help the peace lily thrive well in an office environment.

English Ivy

The English ivy is efficient at absorbing airborne pollutants emitted by computers and office machinery, which can cause headaches and nausea. English ivy thrives under fluorescent light, making it a great plant for the office. The care is easy. Simply spray the leaves often and keep the plant away from heat vents to prevent the leaves from drying out.

Lucky Bamboo

If you want to add just a touch of green to an office desk or a cubicle, a bamboo plant is a good pick. Bamboo thrives in both natural and artificial light, but ideally it should be kept away from windows. Plant your bamboo in a container with about 2 inches of rocks or marbles and fill the with water. Be sure to change the water out weekly to prevent bacteria growth.

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