The annual AMVETS Americanism poster/essay contests and the AMVETS against drug and alcohol abuse poster/essay contests were conducted through the local Boys & Girls Club sites and winners were entered in the state level competition in Tyler.

Local participants earned 15 first-place awards, 10 second-place awards and two third-place awards out of 45 entries.

The state and local winners will be presented gift cards and certificates for a total of $2,575, with individual prizes ranging from $50 to $300. All first-place winners will be entered in the national competition this summer at the AMVETS convention.

The theme this year was “What Does the American Flag Mean to Me,” which complements the Boys & Girls Club programs taught at each site about being good citizens.

Entrants represented 16 schools in Killeen and Copperas Cove.

The winners included:

Flag coloring (first-grade only)

1. Latonio Harris, Trimmier Elementary, $75.

2. Allianne Hernandez, Pershing Park Elementary, $50.

Americanism Poster Contest

Second grade

1. Lanai’ya Harris, Trimmier Elementary, $75.

2. Princess Johnson, Ira Cross Elementary, $50.

3. Faith Dalouche, Maxdale Elementary.

4. Honor Kelley, Saegert Elementary.

Third grade

1. Emily Devere, Saegert Elementary, $75.

2. Angelynna Tarver, Oveta Culp Elementary, $50.

3. Jordan Rubin, Haynes Elementary.

Fourth grade

1. Krista Adamick, Haynes Elementary, $75.

2. Chioma Anyanwu, Trimmier Elementary, $50.

Fifth grade

1. Destiny Dalouche, Maxdale Elementary, $100.

Americanism Essay Contest

Sixth grade

1. Kaitlyn Low, Eastern Hills Middle School, $75.

2. Anthony Arnold, S.C. Lee Junior High, $100.

3. Angelys Ortiz, Eastern Hills Middle School.

4. Evritt Rogers, Liberty Hills Middle School.

5. Jazmine Allen, Rancier Middle School.

6. Tiery Gaines, Rancier Middle School.

Seventh grade

1. Elmer Cage, Eastern Hills Middle School, $100.

2. Alejandro Collie, Liberty Hill Middle School, $150.

3. Armando Cruz, Rancier Middle School.

Eighth grade

1. Kiana Cole, Palo Alto Middle School, $150.

2. Arianna Lyles, Eastern Hills Middle School, $75.

3. Isacc Green, Rancier Middle School.

10th grade

1. Crystal Innocent, Killeen High School, $200.

11th grade

1. Alexus Ross, Killeen High School, $100.

12th grade

1. Selena Scott, Ellison High School, $300.

AMVETS against drug and alcohol abuse poster contest

First grade

1. Latonio D. Harris, Trimmier Elementary, $75.

Second grade

1. Faith Dalouche, Maxdale Elementary, $75.

2. Lanaiy’a B. Harris, Trimmier Elementary, $50.

3. Savina Gonzales, Saegert Elementary.

Third grade

1. Kalea Smith, Haynes Elementary, $100.

2. Trinity Lewis, Saegert Elementary, $75.

3. Yeznmarie Enarnacion, Haynes Elementary.

4. Jeriemiah Franklin, Maxdale Elementary.

Fourth grade

1. Krista Adamick, Haynes Elementary, $100.

2. Chioma Anyanwu, Trimmier Elementary, $75.

3. Kyla Sanders, Trimmier Elementary.

4. Janessa Beckford, Willow Springs Elementary.

Fifth grade

1. Nylia Shaw, Saegert Elementary, $100.

2. Destiny Dalouche, Maxdale Elementary, $75.

3. Havalyn Purifoy, Maxdale Elementary.

4. Koe Harris, Iduma Elementary.

5. Evelyn Keating, Maxdale Elementary.

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