Bellaire Elementary School principal David House has nominated fourth-grade teacher Robin Bullock for awards before only to have the humble, hardworking teacher slip away.

That’s why, House said, it was important to keep the latest honor aimed at Bullock a secret.

So, on Tuesday morning, the fourth-grade classes quietly assembled in the cafeteria and House called the unsuspecting Bullock to the office.

The pair walked into the cafeteria, where three Office Max employees stood on stage with a black chair and four boxes filled with school supplies.

After making her way to the stage, Bullock took a seat in her new soft, leather chair while store manager Roy Miller explained that she was one of 1,000 teachers nationwide to receive $1,000 worth of supplies from the store.

In reaction, she told her colleagues and students that she takes seriously her job to prepare children for life and that is reward enough.

“I was not expecting that at all,” Bullock said. “I really take this job to heart, that it is important to prepare these students for life. Here at Fort Hood we really affect the world because these students go everywhere.”

When asked, Bullock graciously posed with the Office Max employees before heading back to class.

“She always turns down honors,” House said. “This one she didn’t know about so she couldn’t turn it down.

“She stays late every day. She’s such a leader and she wants no recognition,” he said.

Though the humble teacher was quick to get back to work, House looked through the boxes of supplies and found a Kindle Fire reader, a camera and all kinds of binders, scissors, glue, pens and pencils.

He loaded up the boxes and wheeled them into Bullock’s classroom. She said she would use the new chair as a motivator for students.

Bullock was a soldier for six years before joining the Killeen Police Department as a dispatcher, where she worked 13 years. She has been a teacher 19 years.

She said teaching was always her dream and that she stayed motivated to continue investing in children when she considered her 10-year-old students would be in charge in about 10 years.

Called A Day Made Better, Miller said the Office Max giveaway is meant to honor teachers for their service.

“I don’t like to be the center of attention,” Bullock said, “but all of this is very nice.”

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Glad to see Office Max try to improve their image, they lost me when I needed help with a failed printer and couldn't find the receipt....their remedy, I should of purchased an extended warranty. I contacted HP and they arranged to have the printer picked up and repaired/returned.

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