Brad Harrub, co-founder of Focus Press, co-editor of Think magazine and author of “Convicted, A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity,” will speak at a series of creation vs. evolution seminars Friday through June 8 at the Killeen Church of Christ.

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Did humans evolve from ape-like creatures? Did humans and dinosaurs co-exist? How old is the earth?

These questions and others in the age-old debate of creation versus evolution will be explored in a series of seminars hosted Friday through June 8 by the Killeen Church of Christ.

The guest speaker will be Brad Harrub, co-founder of Focus Press, co-editor of Think magazine, and author of “Convicted, A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity.” He also was an invited speaker to the international conference on creationism and appeared on the TV show “Origins.”

Harrub, 43, who holds a doctorate in anatomy and neurobiology, said his science background has honed his beliefs in creationism.

“I’m a science guy,” he said. “My background, my training ... is all in looking at the evidence. And there is too much evidence that points to a creator.”

He said there is a yearning in many people to better understand the issue.

“People, I think, are very, very, very hungry for answers and people are searching,” he said.

Although he does not believe in macro-evolution, Harrub does subscribe to “micro-evolutionism,” which occurs on a much smaller scale.

“Yes, we can have changes but within limited parameters — dog breeding, for example,” he said, explaining that breeding dogs with different traits does create changes. “But at the end of the day when you breed two dogs, you’re still going to get a dog, What we’ve never seen is taking an animal like a dog and getting another animal.”

Dan Carter, minister at Killeen Church of Christ, said the church scheduled the seminars because people in the community have expressed interest in the subject.

“Many people have asked about this,” he said. “There has never been a period of history when man didn’t question where we came from or why we’re here. We’re just endeavoring to give a biblical account … we’re showing it from the biblical standpoint.”

Both Carter and Harrub believe most modern children aren’t offered both sides of the creation-versus-evolution debate in school.

“Parents should be questioning why our children are only getting evolution in their textbooks,” Harrub said. “A lot of what I teach on basically goes, ‘Hey, we’ve pulled God out of the classroom, we’ve pulled God out of the community ... and now, we’re reaping the fruits of that.’”

Harub described scientific theories such as intelligent design and the discovery of fossil man as “too complex.”

“We can’t just explain it with luck, chance and time,” he said. “Realistically, you have to ignore a lot of data and evidence to ignore things like the historical evidence that a guy named Jesus walked the earth.”

Carter likened the seminars to getting a free college class and urged people to come out and listen to Harrub’s presentations.

“This is like sitting in a class with a professor and getting hours,” he said.

The seminars will cover atheism, the age of the earth, dinosaurs and much more. They are free to the public and questions are encouraged. “If what I’m saying is true, then it should stand up to scrutiny,” Harrub said. “Whatever you got, bring it on.”

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