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Local chapers of the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club and the Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry will host a car and bike show Nov.2 outside the First Baptist Church of Killeen.

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A Christian Car and Bike Show sponsored by local chapters of the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club and the Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry is Nov. 2 outside the First Baptist Church of Killeen.

It is the fifth Christian car show hosted by the Holy Rollerz since 2007, said Holy Rollerz treasurer Bonnie Hanchey.

The Holy Rollerz is one of the few car clubs that allow members without cars.

“It’s a ministry,” Hanchey said. “It allows folks who like cars to meet … and not necessarily be surrounded by the normal car club scene.”

The group does not advocate drinking, drugs, profane music or street racing.

The Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry operates one of several area Christian clubs devoted to motorcycles. The Priesthood will handle the bike portion of the event, said Rick Moore, the group’s road captain. This is the second year they have been involved in the show.

“There will be as many as 50 motorcycles (at the show) associated with the Priesthood alone,” Moore said.

Priesthood members are traveling from as far as Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas to show their bikes.

As road captain, Moore organizes group rides.

“They can vary from 50 to 2,000 miles,” he said.

The Priesthood recently rode to Indianapolis and back.

One goal of the show is to raise money to purchase a motorcycle for a missionary in the foreign mission field. “We hope to raise $1,700,” Moore said.

Prayer requests

The car show will be in the church parking lot to allow visitors to talk to church members while looking at the vehicles on display.

“We want to let them know they can come and not be judged,” Hanchey said. “The church has been very hospitable (to us).”

First Baptist Church Deacon Jerry Ward and Minister of Education and Administration Tim McKeown will host a prayer tent at the show. This space will allow spectators to chat with church officials and give prayer requests. They can pray on-site with Ward and McKeown, if desired.

“Prayer is an essential party of ministry, McKeown said. “We wanted to have a tent to give (people) opportunities to give their requests,”

He cited Philippians 4:6-7 as their inspiration, a Bible verse that calls upon people to let their requests be known to God.

To show a car at the event, online preregistration can be done for free at

On-site registration includes a $10 fee. Participants and spectators are required to bring canned goods to be donated to the Killeen Food Center, which provides food, clothing and household items to local families in need at little or no cost, according to the organization’s website.

“Last year, we collected over 1,200 pounds of food,” Hanchey said.

At that event, more than 130 vehicles were on display for the nearly 1,000 spectators who attended, McKeown said. Judging is done through a vote by all who enter vehicles in the competition. Thirty best- in-class awards and five best-in-show awards will be given. There also will be food booths, door prizes and motorcycle games, Moore said.

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