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Christian musician Luzi Hernandez performs in Killeen in September. Her album titled “I Surrender All’ was released Tuesday.

Local Christian musician Luzi Hernandez has spent a lifetime spreading the gospel through song, and now she is sharing her love of Christ through her own work of art.

Hernandez’s Christian contemporary album, “I Surrender All,” was released Tuesday.

She has been writing songs for many years, and an album was always a dream of hers, but it only recently became a reality. Over the years, “I concentrated on my family,” she said, “and sang wherever I was invited.” Those invitations included churches, prisons and events across the country and Germany, as she moved with her husband of 25 years throughout his 18-year military career.

From Texas, Virginia and Georgia to Germany and back, Hernandez used the power of music to reach out to people who don’t normally get much attention.

“I enjoy working with the elderly and prisoners,” she said. “I do what God’s called me to do.”

Now, with her three children grown, Hernandez is making her dreams come true.

One year ago, she was signed to Tate Music Group with the help of her manager and agent, Donna Doss-Spicer.

What initially drew Doss-Spicer to Hernandez was her “diligence, zeal and wonderful heart,” she said. “She’s very deserving.”

Four of Hernandez’s songs are on her album. Her daughter, Jessica, wrote two of the songs and co-wrote another with her mother.

The song, “Only For Your Love,” serves as a reminder of God’s love and her love of her brother-in-law, who lost a 12-year battle to cancer in recent years.

“He’s the Christian I admire the most,” she said. “No

matter how much pain he was in, every time I saw him, he had a smile on his face.”

He loved to hear her sing.

It is this deep joy and love of God that Hernandez hopes emanates from her songs.

“The CD represents my walk with Christ,” she said, “from beginning to end.”

Hernandez credits her husband, Jonathan, as another inspiration for her work and with introducing her to her faith.

“God placed him in my life when I needed someone most,” she said.

They met in Puerto Rico, where both their parents lived.

In the summer of 1988, she attended church with her future husband, calling it one of the best experiences of her life.

Her Christian faith helped her deal with the uncertainty of military life as well.

“God has to be the center,” she said of her marriage. “He has to be the connection.”

She said her husband has been immensely supportive of her burgeoning career.

Now, she can focus on music and writing, as her husband looks toward retirement.

“It’s an exciting time,” she said.

“She raised her children, she’s had a lot of hard knocks and been the backbone of her family,” Doss-Spicer said. “It’s her time now.”

Hernandez said she hopes to continue spreadingthe message of her faith through song, traveling as far as her music will take her.

“If just one person is touched by my singing, it’s all worth it,” she said.

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