KPLE-TV is having a 12-hour fundraiser Sunday (pre-empting TBN programming) to subsidize much-needed operational costs.

The TV station provides affordable rates to 21 small local ministries meeting all FCC requirements as a Class A full-power station. It has provided 24/7 local Christian television for 20 years as an affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Corporation.

KPLE has produced several series that now air worldwide, such as “Faces of Abortion,” “Child Abuse,” PTSD W.I.N.G.S and much more. It prides itself in honoring family Christian values in all programming.

Several pastor will host Sunday’s “Keeping Praise Live and Entertaining,” including Jackie Cox, Pastor George Chanea, Pastor John Robertson, Charles Jenkins, Pastor Johner Martin, Pastor Mart Hart, Glen Cosper, Pastor Robert Beeman and Chaplain Ken Sorenson.

KPLE-TV has recorded Christmas music by school choirs that will also air during the day. These choirs include Trimmer Elementary, Killeen High School, Sparta Elementary and Belton High School.

Other school and church choirs will be recorded and aired during the Christmas week.

Churches have been asked to take a “love offering” on Sunday and hand deliver it during the live production.

The station is at 502 E. Elms Road, Killeen. Donations may be called to phone operators at 254-554-3683 or 877-640-5673.

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