People of all ages and dressed in all different attire gathered at the Cinemark Theater in Harker Heights on Sunday morning.

They weren’t there to watch the newest movie or to have popcorn and candy.

They were there for church.

Vintage Church of Harker Heights held its first service at 10 a.m. Sunday at the movie theater.

“Feel free to chat and sing in the theater today. No one will shush you this morning,” said the Rev. Stephen Martin as he began the service.

Ushers helped everyone find seats and the words to the songs were displayed on the movie screen so everyone could sing along with the live band.

“Movie theaters are fun and relaxing places for people to come. We want church to be comfortable and fun,” Martin said.

The reverend and his wife came to Killeen for many reasons. They knew they wanted to live in Texas and she works as a physician on Fort Hood. They began with interest meetings and Bible studies as they tried to establish a church.

With the help of the Association of Related Churches, they raised enough money to start Vintage Church. The church is based on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, Martin said.

“The message hasn’t changed, but the method has,” said Martin.     

Blessed Seiler is thinking of relocating to the Killeen area and found out about the church from a friend.  

“I was curious about a church in a theater,” Seiler said.

Melissa Massie and PJ Walerko, both of Harker Heights, found the church online while searching for a church to call home. They both agreed that the idea of church in a movie theater is something new and different.  

“It doesn’t matter where you worship, just as long as you are able to worship,” Massie said.  

As people gathered in the movie theater lobby, there were drinks and snacks available.

People lined up to sign their children in for child care in children’s church, which was being held in the theater next door. People also were given welcome bags by church leadership.

The “Elephant Room” is where people could gather information on the church as well as their different groups, teams and ministries.  

“An elephant never forgets,” said Lucy Hutcheson, assistant director of the Elephant Room.  

Martin said Vintage Church is for all people in any stage of faith and life.  

“We are here to build a family of believers who walk through daily life together and help each other grow stronger in their faith,”  Martin said.

For more information on Vintage Church, go to        

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