The Redeemed Tabernacle Church in Killeen will embark on a humanitarian and gospel mission to Sierra Leone, West Africa, next month.

Senior Pastor Abdul K. Kargbo, 41, took his first trip to Africa in 2011. Since then, he started four churches in Sierra Leone and helped 80 children go to school.

“It’s all about the gospel,” he said. “Jesus told us to feed the hungry and care for the children.”

Ken Wooten, 65, Kargbo and four others will take five barrels filled with food, clothing, education resources and other items to Sierra Leone.

“When we get there we will sort through it and distribute it to the needy children and adults,” Wooten said, adding that they also will share the gospel and give encouragement to Christians.

The mission trip, set for April 13-27, has a two-fold purpose, Kargbo said.

“We are going to host the National Crusade (Conference) where we will bless the people with the word of God. We have a plan to send 300 children to school based on the funding we will generate.”

The group also will establish a “Help the Child in Africa” adoption program.

“We trust in God to send these children to school,” Kargbo said. “When we come back, we will develop a program to adopt a child and support them through the years until they finish their education.”

Wooten, a Vietnam War veteran, hopes to build a spiritual relationship with military personnel while he’s in Africa.

“We are confident of God leading and protecting in every choice and decision we make,” Wooten said. “So heading into Sierra Leone is going to be interaction with people that’s very favorable with what we are attempting to do.”

Revival services will be held at several churches next week to raise funds to help the youth of Sierra Leone, Wooten said.

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