The month of March brought a great deal of change in our lives. March marked the end of one season and the beginning of another. As there was a shift in time, or light hours in our day, there also began a shift in our activities.

For some it marked the end of a season; for others, the games had just begun.

Opportunities seemed to become more numerous as those ideas of winter now needed to be put into action. We became busier, and our calendars seemed to burst at the seams.

What did that mean for your family? Hopefully, it meant you followed after the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and asked Him to direct your day and the choices you made.

Our Redeemer promised we could rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all truth. Oftentimes, we joined in on “March Madness,” because we hadn’t spent time seeking God’s wisdom and peace for our families.

We were not listening to our very present help, who daily wants to reveal the Father’s plans and purposes for our lives and our families.

When we seek His direction, we do the things we are suppose to do, and although there is work involved, it does not become burdensome.

Let’s look at every family as a “team,” if you will, where every joint supplies, every person has a “position” to play, and is vital to the success of the whole.

When the “players” are not listening to the coaching of the Holy Spirit, no one wins. Even worse, when the players are not working together, everyone thinking of themselves and focusing on their own needs, the team begins to fall apart. This is not the reflection of what God wants for His “teams.”

When we get into our positions, listen to His instructions, and execute them accordingly, we have victory. Taking a time-out to be still, individually and collectively, allows us to “hear” what we are listening to.

He’s always speaking, always guiding and directing, always coaching us toward success. It’s our job to respond with the right attitude: “My success, my victory, reveals God’s glory.”

The other side of the “madness” is how we treat one another. We are one. During times like these, it is critical that we walk in love, draw the fruit of the spirit inside of us and let His peace rule our hearts. No one deserves more love, grace and patience than our own family, our team. Make the determination to allow the perfect work begun in you to first be enjoyed and appreciated by those closest to you, your family.

Change is inevitable. When we begin to adjust to changes, let’s be careful to not find ourselves becoming mad. Instead, let’s be glad, not allowing the changes to overtake us with frustration, but with knowing that He is leading us to triumph, and the change can, and should be, for our benefit if we are walking in Him.

If we did give into the “madness of March,” then ask forgiveness and forget it and enjoy the showers of God’s blessings this spring season as families of faith.

The Rev. BILLY SANDERS is senior pastor of North Pointe Church in Copperas Cove.

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