In Luke 12:22-40, we hear Jesus say: “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” But then, we see all those bills on the kitchen table. We see on the calendar all the things that we have to do.

So it’s easy to say, “Don’t worry,” but at the same time, we carry the weight of many burdens, concerns and worries. So, which voice do you hear?

In response to these conflicting calls, Jesus points to God’s creation to say, “Consider the ravens.” (24) “Consider the lilies.” (27) So if God cares about His creation, He certainly cares about you.

But when we see creation, we also see destruction and devastation, drought, fire, hurricanes, tornados, flood, and mudslides; with invading fire ants coming our way.

The dying creation cries out to God. And we look to Him in time of need, in the midst of our failures, hardships and trials that weigh us down. We are filled with anxiety and poverty. Our soldiers fight and die in foreign lands. And our political system runs amuck.

We might tough out adversity that comes our way; but worse comes to those who challenge our judgment. They say that we don’t care. There are commercials that promise us a better life. Buy this to save the planet. Use this because it is green. They tell us we can have whiter teeth, fresher breath, and better tasting drinks.

People try to tell us that we don’t know what is good for us. They try to convince us of what we should want and that our life would be incomplete without it. The problem, though, is not what our eyes see; but rather what our hearts love. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (34)

The heart that does not see Jesus will try to build up a treasure for itself. It places trust in the things of this world. But these things do not bring satisfaction. God made the world to point us to the Himself, and not be worshiped.

Romans 1 speaks of those who, “…Who exchanged the Truth of God for the lie, and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator.” (25)

So without God, we find nothing but anxiety. Why? Because when the heart treasures the wrong things, then creation cannot bring us comfort.

Where then, should we put our hope? Put not your hope in the world. Rather, put your hope in God. Only by changing the way you see God, will your eyes see things the way God would have us to see.

God sees us as a treasure and where we are, there is His heart also. Why? Because, we were made in the Image of God. For this reason Jesus can point to the raven (a worthless bird) and say, “Of how much more value are you than the birds!” (24)

We are the treasure that draws God’s heart, that caused Him to send His heart to Earth, to send His Only Begotten Son to become Man.

To show God’s Kingdom Come. And God allows Jesus’ heart to slow its beating, until it stopped.

God treasures us so much that His own Son dies, killed by the very treasure that He loves so much.

Being a treasure in God’s eyes places our heart in the place to see things clearly. Since God gave His Son’s heart to us, we are empowered to turn away from worldly treasures and value Jesus instead. For when our hearts are safe with Jesus, then creation can give us comfort.

For then the gifts, blessings and creation of God are put in the right place. Then we see the love, that God has for all He has made. If God loves His creation so much, how much more will He care for us?

In Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

The Rev. ROBERT WAGNER is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Copperas Cove.

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