So, you’re going to the mall to grab some fab fashions for back to school. To amp up your couture cred, consider the three durable, practical looks that lead this fall’s fashion forecast.


Military-inspired themes have become more prevalent and show up everywhere this season. Not just for outdoor wear, camo defines sleek leggings and sexy bustiers as well as flak jackets. Where will this trend end up? Well, it’s already made the leap to prom dresses, and camo wedding apparel has sold well, according to Camo Diva, an Indiana-based online retailer.


Retro looks in faux or genuine animal hides can serve subtly or give a shout-out with studded detailing. The edgy moto motif influences fashionistas’ choices, said Sidney Cole of Aeropostale at Killeen Mall: “Jeggings and especially leather are two things that our customers are really excited about.”


Savvy staple or overdone and ordinary? A casual glance down any school hallway between classes reveals that denim truly reigns, and ranges from skinny, cropped, dark, destructed to classic styles.

“Skinny jeans, colored jeans, destructed jeans,” said Heather Daniels, manager of Deb Shops at Killeen Mall, “that’s what they’re buying.” Denim’s broad palette, from unexciting to outre, includes jackets and vests, too.

Spacing out purchases rather than splurging on tax-free weekend is smart: most kids will want to see what their classmates are wearing and adjust their clothing must-haves accordingly.

The goal is apparel that gets worn, not left abandoned on the closet floor.

Durable this fall means trendy, but with enough staying power to last in your wardrobe longer than one season — and that’s practical.

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