The Central Texas College Culinary Arts program will offer Caribbean cuisine for Friday’s Patio Cafe. Dinner will be served from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the culinary arts area of the Student Center (Building 106) on the Killeen campus off Clear Creek Road.


The menu opens with a choice of appetizers, soup and salads. The appetizers are fried plantains ($3) — five slices of golden fried sweet plantains; and Jamaican beef patties ($4.50) — a beef patty encased with curry beef filling. The soup of evening is chicken and dumpling ($7 for a bowl or $2 for a cup with an entrée) — simmered chicken with flour dumplings infused with Caribbean spices.

Diners can choose the house salad ($3.75) or the combination salad ($9.50) — a large tropical salad of grilled pineapple, mango, avocado, grape tomatoes and cilantro nestled on a bed of fresh lettuce and topped with freshly cracked pepper and a choice of dressing. Jerk chicken breast can be added for $3.


The entrees are curry chicken ($11) — seasoned chicken simmered in spices and stock that infuse the curry flavor; oxtails ($19) — succulent oxtails prepared in seasonings, spices and slow-cooked in a Caribbean sauce; and jerk fish ($11.50) — five-ounce tilapia seasoned with jerk sauce and a little spice which is created using a two-heat method cooking style, frying and sautéing.

Side dishes

Each entree is served with a choice of two side dishes. They are: ackee and vegetables — sauteed blend of ackee, carrots, onions and sweet peas; chayote and carnival sweet pepper — sliced, seasoned chayote squash with sauteed sweet bell peppers; red beans and rice — red beans soaked in coconut milk then added to steamed white rice and simmered in stock; and root squash mash — cassava root mashed and folded with spaghetti squash for a rich and creamy buttery flavor. All side dishes can be ordered a la carte for $1.50 each except the ackee and vegetables, which is $2.50.


Complete the meal with rum cake ($3.50) for dessert.

Reservations for the Patio Café dinner are required. Call the CTC Hospitality Department at 254-526-1515.

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