Feline lovers rejoice — the 30th annual cat show is coming to Killeen.

The Heart of Texas Cat Club sponsors this annual show, sanctioned by The International Cat Association, which will feature judging of pure bred and household cats.

The purebred cats must meet written standards, while pets are judged based on playfulness, grooming and overall health.

The cats compete in three divisions: whole, kittens and altered. About 200 cats will be judged each day, said show manager Jenny Hamons.

Exhibitors travel as far as California, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Washington for the show, while the judges are coming from California, Louisiana and Mexico.

“People actually fly their household pets all over the country to get titles,” Hamons said. Expect to see these pets, along with pedigree animals at the show. “International-ranking cats will be present trying to compete for top finals to increase their standing. All cats are magnificently groomed.”

Exotic breeds include the Bengal, Maine coon, oriental and Siamese, munchkin and many more.

“Spectators are encouraged to walk around and ask exhibitors questions about their cats. They can sit and watch the judging and the finals,” Hamons said. Questions are welcomed by the breeders and judges.

Rescue groups Kathy’s Kitties of Killeen, North Texas Humane Society of Fort Worth and Fuzzy Friends of Waco will have kittens and cats available for adoption. A raffle will benefit the groups.

“We have a dozen vendors with all types of cat items: T-shirts, beds, toys, cat trees, glassware (and more),” Hamons said, along with concessions.

Daily admission is $5 for adults, $4 for military and seniors and $3 for children, ages 6 and older.

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