Clinton Harwell is the owner of the award-winning Italian restaurant Pignetti’s in downtown Temple.

Its fan base on Facebook raves about its exquisite menu and its roster of wines, which can satisfy any palate.

Pignetti’s offers family night on Tuesdays and wine-tasting on Wednesdays, when four wines are selected and accompanied by two appetizers.

“Guests can enjoy wines from different places,” Harwell said.

Thursday is Date Night at the restaurant.

The establishment is usually closed on Sundays but makes exceptions for special events, where guests from renown wineries and chefs visit Pignetti’s to share stories about wine blends and fine dinning.

“We have monthly a wine dinner, which is a five-course dinner,” said Harwell. “Our next dinner will be on Oct. 22 when the Count of Buena Vista will join us.”

Buena Vista Winery pioneered premium wine making in California. The count imports hundreds of premium vines from Europe, dug Sonoma’s first wine cave, introduced innovative viticulture techniques and wrote the first treatise on California wine.

“Every month we have formal dinners such as this one, where we actually have someone from a winery come and share their wines,” said Harwell, who opened Pignetti’s nine years ago. He expects more than 70 guests at the dinner.

Those interested in enjoying the special event can make reservations at the restaurant.

On Nov. 12, Pignetti’s plans the Siduri Wine Dinner.

“Siduri wines have high reviews. Their vineyards are from California and Oregon,” said Harwell.

Siduri Pinot Noir is a dream for both Adam and Dianna Lee, wine makers from Texas who now live in California.

Siduri produces single vineyard pinot noir from 20 different vineyards stretching from Santa Barbara, Calif., to Oregon, according to its website.

The dinner will be an unforgettable evening for those who attend.

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