LAMPASAS — Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation said their work on a $3.2 million project to improve drainage and pavement issues in Lampasas is nearing completion and ahead of schedule.

The project, which began Oct. 1, involved the rehabilitation of eight blocks of roadways, from Key Avenue to Sulphur Creek, including new pavement, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm sewer and drainage outlets, handrails and decorative lighting. No local funds were used in the project.

“I think motorists are going to see a big improvement,” said Darah Waldrip, TxDOT spokeswoman. “The original motivation for the project was to improve drainage, as there has been a desire to improve that for a long time. Our whole mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation, and I think this project is a great example of that.”

The contractor, Ledcor CMI Inc. of Phoenix, recently completed work from Live Oak Street to Western Avenue and is now working between Western Avenue and Main Street.

That block is currently closed, including the intersection of Main and Fourth streets, and drivers are urged to use the designated detour.

“The project will really improve the roadway and the pedestrian thoroughfare,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said. “The drainage issues will be resolved, and we asked TxDOT for some upgrades to the lighting along Fourth Street.”

Lampasas officials also requested minor adjustments to accommodate additional parking.

The project was expected to be completed in December, Waldrip said. However, the contractor is running ahead of schedule by more than a month.

“If that kind of progress continues, it will probably be complete sometime this fall, unless we get a lot of rain, or there are other unforeseen circumstances,” he said.

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