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RV Rentals Copperas Cove, TX 254-630-6313 Rising Sun RV


2007 East Highway 190
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Last Updated: February 15, 2017


Special hours: All other times please call for appointment


About RV Rentals Copperas Cove, TX 254-630-6313 Rising Sun RV

Rising Sun RV Rentals

More About RV Rentals Copperas Cove, TX 254-630-6313 Rising Sun RV

We are a family run business, with deep-rooted passions for the RV lifestyle and the adventures it brings. We love to share our stories and listen to the exciting new journeys of others.

The Owner:  Joseph O’Rourke is a career military man who has served 16 Years in the United States Army and 4 years in United States Navy.  During his Army career he served as a combat UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot, while deployed to harsh lands such as Iraq and Afghanistan the dream of RisingSunRV was born!  His son Joseph decided to study business and took over the daily operations of the company.  Joseph the II is a born leader with vision that mirrors that of the owner.  Together this father/son team will see RisingSunRV grow to an empire within its industry. Along with two other young adults in the family, they too will see their place within the corporation. His daughter has been accepted to the University of San Antonio and will pursue law, while the youngest RisingSunRV member is seeking a basketball scholarship. Together, we are working very hard to satisfy our customers, bring them great units and build relations with our owners.

We wish to provide an outstanding RV experience for all of our clients and become a household name in Texas!  Provide 5-star customer service, quality units, and memories that will last a lifetime!


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Joseph O'Rourke

RisingSunRV is the fastest growing RV rental company in Texas! We firmly believe in what we are doing and where we are going. Our mission is to be a household name in Texas! with locations throughout. Read more

Mart, Tx

very smooth process. nice to rent from. will rent from them again until i buy 1 of my own. thanks again.” – james Read more

Dawn, Copperas Cove, TX

Though I was not able to use them for what I needed, they were very helpful and understanding. Rising Sun RV went out of their way to help me the best they could and even recommended another place of business to check out since they were unable to supply what I needed. I would recommend Risi… Read more

Eugene, Austin, TX

These guys are GREAT to work with. When I arrived the RV was clean and ready to go. Joe did an awesome job teaching me about the different aspects of the RV. I would rent from these folks again and I sure will tell ALL my friends. Read more


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Q1. How much does an RV cost?

A. All of our products are based on a daily rate with a two day minimum. Please visit our rental tab, where we have an online tool that calculates the number of days, tax and additional fees for you. If you have further questions about pricing, feel free to contact us M-F 10-6 or Saturdays 10-2.

Q2. What are your office hours?

A. We are open Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM and Saturday 10AM to 2PM. Sundays are available for check in’s only, all units need to be back by 5PM.

Q3. Are there any coverages with the Rental?

A. We offer supplemental liability insurance (SLI) which provides you with supplemental liability insurance up to $1,000,000.00 while in the USA, rentals not allowed in Canada or Mexico. This insurance is not available on all units and you will be required to show proof of full coverage personal insurance protection. Many insurance companies will write you an insurance binder for the rental period.

Q4. What is the cost of Mileage?

A. Mileage is very simple to calculate: we give you free 100 miles per day of paid rental (1/2 day free pick up is not included in this) and then every mile after is .75 cents a mile.

Q5. Is there a generator on-board and how much to use it?

A. On all of our Motorhomes there are on-board Generators and with Travel Trailers we offer portable generators. The 5 & 5 Rule applies to the Motor homes, 5 hours a day free of charge $5.00 an hour after. This is cumulative, if for example the rental is 5 days then you will get 25 hours of generator time to use at your disposal. Portable Generators start at $45.00 per day (includes 9 hours daily) each additional hour $5.00

Q6. Is there a deposit required?

A. To reserve an RV a $250 reservation down payment is charged to your credit card. This reservation down payment will be applied to your estimated rental charges. Full balance of rental is due 10 days prior to departure. At time of departure a security deposit or credit card hold will be authorized for $500 on travel trailers and $1000 for Motor homes. This is required for insurance claims, damage to unit or additional fees.

Q7. Are there any other hidden charges?

A. No: In our rental tab you can build your own dates and select your unit, the software will give you an estimate of the RV rental and show you all fees associated. Fee’s are simple:

-Daily Rate (each calendar date booked, for example if renting the 1st and 2nd, it will be two days of charges)

-Prep fee $25.00

-Cleaning Fee $75.00

-Generator 5 hours free per day, then $5.00 an hour

-Mileage: 100 miles free per day, then .75 cents per mile

-Motor Vehicle Rental Tax 10%

Additional fees will only be applied if client violates various addendum's or policies such as “No smoking” or “No pets” policy. Discuss details with Staff and review our addendum's and contract.

Q8. What if I return the vehicle late?

A. We do charge late fees only if the client does not communicate his/her intentions before hand. We charge $100 plus the normal Daily Rate for the unit. If per-coordinated then only a daily rate will apply.

Q9. Do I need a special license to drive a motorhome?

A. All you need is a valid Drivers license, be 25 years or older and have a major credit card. Special licenses are not required and temporary licenses will not be accepted. All drivers for the vehicle must be present and also have valid driver’s licenses.

Q10. Can I turn in the unit early?

A. Yes, however we do not refund for days not used or if the pick up is late. Once a contract is booked the dates belong to the client, when the client chooses to use the RV is his/her choice. Check out’s will be done during our normal business hours M-F 10-6, Saturday 10-2. Closed on Sunday.

Q11. Do the units come equipped with pots and pans, or bedding items?

A. Not at this time, we plan to offer packages that will include a full compliment of RV supplies, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to make your trip a “Turn key” RV adventure. We do have some some equipment available for rent, to include camp chairs, Canopy and coffee pots.

Q12. Does the RV come with TV/DVD player?

A. Most RV’s do have their own TV/DVD combo sets but inquire about your specific unit.

Q13. Is there a Satellite dish on the unit?

A. Presently none of our units have satellite capability, periodically we will manage a Class A Motorhome and they come with on-board satellite’s. We plan to purchase several portable Satellite dishes to daily rental, inquire within to find out if they are available yet.

Q14. I want to bring my pets, is that OK?

A. In many cases yes, you will be required to pay an additional pet fee $250, regardless of the number of pets. The RV must not be damaged due to pet activities such as clawing, chewing or excessive hairs from the animal. If a renter takes a pet without prior consent we will charge the $250 against the security deposit upon return with and additional $50 non-disclosure fee. Some RV’s we manage are strictly no pets,please inquire within.

Q15. Can I park my car at your dealership?

A. Yes, we will allow up to one vehicle per motorhome rental to remain at our lot. The vehicle however is at your risk while on our lot.

Q16. Can I tow a trailer or vehicle?

A. We do not currently allow towing with any motorhome. Policy in the future could change as we grow and purchase additional units. Please continue to check back with us.

Q17. Can we drink the water on board?

A. We do not recommend using the on-board water for drinking purposes. It is acceptable for showers, personal hygiene and used for cooking. The tanks are filled at various locations and difficult to asses the purity with each different location. Although each unit comes with an on-board water filter.

Q18. What happens is the Motor Home breaks down?

A. Step one, make sure your family is safe and the RV is well clear of major highway traffic. If you did not purchase the “Peace of mind” plan from Coachnet services, then the responsibility falls on the client to determine the best course of action for RV recovery and restoration to a road worthy vehicle. During normal business hours we can assist via phone calls, however our company is limited in capability to reach out and help at distances beyond 50 miles from our location. We here at Rising Sun RV do our best to answer the phones 24/7 to assist and answer questions, however we have limits do to the size of our company, we ask for patience as we work together to get you and your family back on the road.

Q19. Do you have Bike racks?

A. Yes, we rent a 4 placement bicycle rack at $5.00 a day. Are supplies are limited so reserve yours early.

Q20. Can you pick me up from the airport or other locations?

A. Yes, within the city of Killeen or Copperas Cove we will be happy to come get you and your family. We will pick you up in our courtesy Ford 150 crew cab truck, it will comfortably seat 5 additional passengers and your bags in the bed of the truck.

Q21. Are we responsible for any maintenance of the Motorhome?

A. The customer is responsible for checking the engine oil, fluids and coolant levels at each refueling. The customer is responsible to report any mechanical discrepancies or failures as soon as possible. Mechanical failure reimbursements are subject to evaluation by RisingSUnRV staff, approval must be requested prior to any work greater than $50 with the exception of tire repair/replacement. We hold the customer initially responsibly for mechanical failure and evaluate reimbursement once the RV is inspected by our staff and technicians. We do not reimburse any of the following items: Hotel or motel fees, food or beverage, rental cars or fuel associated. In some cases we may offer coupons for the number of days the RV was immobile to the extent of the daily rate of the RV.

Q22. Can people ride in the back of our Travel Trailers while being pulled?

A. Although an interesting idea, it is not safe and we do not allow this practice. In many states it is against the law. Thank you.


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