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Macy: All of the advertisements for Dodge Country Vehicles are the same. The advertise that the vehicle is below NADA Retail* How many less miles it has, compared to what I don't know. They advertise they have a CARFAX buyback guarantee but you don't get paperwork on it and they don't explain it. They advertise safety equipment , ABS Traction control Head airbags , seating, airbags, lights, power locks, and sunroof if it has one. What they fail to advertise and YOU MUST CHECK OUT BEFORE BUYING:
Oil compressor, Oil leaks
Nails in Tires & Low Tire pressure
No Air Conditioning
Less than Standard Warranty. They have warranties through Master Tech but they do not tell you there are tiers, they just sign you up for the warranty that does not cover any of the above. This dealership is not after your best interest. They lie. I do not recommend buying a vehicle from them no matter good the deal sounds or the vehicle looks. If you choose a used car, that's in the early 2000, the excuse will be, "you bought a used car, what do you expect." Remember this is an investment and your transportation. My attorney who has sued them before recommend not buying a car in Killeen, Texas at all. [sad]

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 12:42 pm