Dave Miller, Deputy Managing Editor

E-mail: dmiller@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7543


Holly Wise, City Editor

E-mail: hwise@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7555


M. Clare Haefner, News/Design Editor

E-mail: chaefner@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7551


Mason W. Canales, Cove Herald Editor

E-mail: mcanales@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7474


Nick Talbot, Sports Editor

E-mail: ntalbot@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7569


Chantae Arrington, Copy Desk

E-mail: chantae@kdnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7546


Alex Byington, Sports Reporter

E-mail: alexb@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7566


Philip Jankowski, Crime/Courts Reporter

E-mail: philipj@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7553


Chris McGuinness, Education Reporter

E-mail: chrism@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7568


Mark Miller, Sports/Copy Desk

E-mail: markm@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7563


Deb Moore, Copy Desk Chief

E-mail: dmoore@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7545


Kevin Posival, Sports Reporter

E-mail: kposival@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7562


Sarah Rafique, Copy Desk/GA Reporter

E-mail: srafique@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7549


Audrey Spencer, Cove Herald/Lampasas Reporter

E-mail: aspencer@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7476


Teresa Tankersley, News Assistant & Calendar of Events

E-mail: teresat@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7542


Rose L. Thayer, Military Editor/Health Reporter

E-mail: rthayer@kdhnews.com

Phone: 254-501-7463

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