FORT HOOD — With Fort Hood’s training at risk and cuts to family programs and civilian furloughs highly likely because of a combination of budget shortfalls, two of the post’s representatives in Congress offered a solution they plan to present in Washington, D.C.

At a news conference in front of Fort Hood’s main gate Friday, U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, with U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Weatherford, standing next to him in support, said he plans to bring an appropriations bill up for a vote that would allow the Defense Department and military leaders to move money around between accounts despite operating under a “continuing resolution,” a type of legislation used by Congress to fund government agencies when a formal fiscal year budget has not been approved.

The plan would not stop the $18 billion shortfall the Army is facing between the continuing resolution and sequestration. During the news conference, Carter continually referred to “the Obama sequester,” as “bad for America,” despite having voted in favor of it in 2011.

“There’s still going to be cuts, but this allows them to rearrange their money to make sure the Army’s priorities are met,” said Carter, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. “It’s going to pass the House with ease. It’s going to have a bipartisan passing.”

The bill is being drafted and should be introduced within the next week or two, according to Carter’s office.

Big problem

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno told “CBS This Morning” on Friday that the inability to work with a regular budget is a big problem for Army leaders.

“I’ve been the chief of staff of the Army for 18 months and I’ve never had a budget. We’ve always had a continuing resolution,” he said. “So it’s like a double problem that we have right now. So we need predictability in the budget cycle and we need to make sure that the cuts we get are managed appropriately so we can put a plan together so we can protect our soldiers, so they can do the job we’re asking them to do.”

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i thought the House did come up with two budgets? it all comes down to the have and the have nots. We the people really do not have a say, it is the power play from all the Big Money players who line their pockets on the Hill. The country is lost, just look at the younger generation today. I'm 48 years old, but i have no faith in anyone, or anything being there from the government in my old age. You can vote for who you want to, the truth be told they will fall into system once they arrive, it just how it is. A bunch of crooks who take, eat and do nothing responsible for the public. Thats just how it is.


So Military Folk who vote straight Republican, now that you've received a refreshing does Republican lies delivered by one of the members of the most do nothing delegation in congress of congress are you feeling better? (do nothing = never submits bill)

Per the constitution, the HOUSE is responsible for the budget.

The president can propose one.

The senate can propose one.

Hey, you or I or anyone can come up with a federal budget and they would be as legitimate as the one a Senator or the President came up with for ONE single reason.

They ALL would mean nothing UNLESS a member of the house in this case a Republican member of the House submits it for consideration.

ONLY the House can take the first step.

That is why the Republicans and the House are the ones to blame for the sequester.

If the House said yes that's all that matters.

The sequester was the ONLY thing the House would say yes to.

Every other option they said no.

So now we all have what the Republicans in the House wanted.

Blaming the President is just another huge lie.

He canNOT force the House to approve any budget they don't want.


Johnny, stop cming out of the chute with such hatred...the house can't operate in a vacuum. They need the Senate to agree on budget proposals.

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