FORT HOOD — New details about an alleged prostitution ring on post came to light Monday during the court-martial of Master Sgt. Brad Grimes.

Grimes, 37, is charged with conspiring to patronize a prostitute, patronizing a prostitute, committing adultery, solicitation to commit adultery and dereliction of duty.

Grimes allegedly paid for sex in February at the La Quinta Inn in Killeen with a low-ranking female soldier, according to court documents.

That female soldier testified Monday, claiming Grimes paid her $100 for sex. She also provided details on an alleged on-post prostitution ring.

The woman, a private first class, claimed she was recruited to act as an “escort” by Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen.

The witness, who was granted immunity for her testimony, said she was having financial difficulties when McQueen discussed the possibility of her working as an escort to high-ranking noncommissioned officers and civilians who were willing to pay to “hang out” and have sex with low-ranking soldiers.

“I felt like I couldn’t turn anywhere else,” the woman said.

She also testified that McQueen explained how the process would work, and that he had photos of her — both clothed and naked — to show to any interested parties. She also recounted an incident when McQueen brought another private to her home in order to “interview” her.

McQueen, who was a coordinator with Fort Hood’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program, has not been charged with any crime. The prosecution alleged that Grimes conspired with McQueen to set up the meeting at the La Quinta Inn on Fort Hood Street.

“This is about plans, prostitution and performance,” said Maj. Elizabeth Walker, a military lawyer for the prosecution.

Grimes’ civilian lawyer, Daniel Conway, said his client was upset with his own wife’s unfaithfulness but did not go through with the act.

“In the moment of truth, he did the right thing,” said Conway. “He did not have sex with (the witness), and he did not give her a single penny.”

He also denied that Grimes and McQueen conspired to set up the alleged tryst.

“There may very well have been a conspiracy, but it was between (the witness) and McQueen,” Conway said.

Conway said the government was trying to convict his client to get him to testify against McQueen. Conway said his client was offered a plea deal, but turned it down and requested a speedy trial.

Grimes, an explosive ordnance disposal specialist, is an operations noncommissioned officer with Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, III Corps, and has served in the Army for almost 18 years.

If convicted, Grimes could face up to 12 months in prison, a reduction in rank and a discharge from the Army.

Grimes’ court-martial continues today.

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