Civilians honored

Col. Robert Dillon, commander of both the Fort Hood DES and the 89th Military Police Brigade, pins the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service on Ferrol Eschberger, a police officer with Fort Hood DES, during a ceremony Monday at Fort Hood Fire Station 1.

FORT HOOD — Army officials recognized 29 civilians this week for their actions during the April 2 shooting that left four dead and 16 injured.

The honored civilians included employees of the Directorate of Emergency Services who worked as police officers, firefighters and 911 dispatchers at the time of the shooting.

The individuals were recognized for their contributions to Fort Hood’s response in a moment of crisis, according to a published report from Fort Hood.

“This was a tragedy,” Col. Robert Dillon, commander of both the Fort Hood DES and the 89th Military Police Brigade, told the Fort Hood Sentinel. “But as tragic as it was on April 2, it could have been worse if it were not for these individuals standing right here.”

A total of 13 people received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, eight people were awarded the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service, and an additional eight individuals received the U.S. Army Garrison Certificate of Appreciation.

According to DES officials, 80 people within DES were identified for some type of award.

“Some of the senior awards are not back yet,” said Rick Ormond, operations officer for DES. “But it’s been too long; the incident happened April 2, and here it is July 21. So we want to do what we can now.”

Among those recognized Monday were Lloyd Loop, a DES incident command safety officer, Ferrol Eschberger, a DES employee, and Joey White, a Fort Hood police officer.

On Thursday, the Herald requested the names of all the individuals recognized at the ceremony. Despite several of those individuals being in the Sentinel’s coverage of the ceremony, Fort Hood refused to release the names, saying the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and no more details on these awards will be released until it is complete.

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Yet many of those from the 2009 shooting went unrecognized.

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