FORT HOOD — A Fort Hood noncommissioned officer implicated in an alleged “prostitution ring” will face criminal charges, Fort Hood officials announced Friday.

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen faces 21 charges related to pandering, conspiracy, maltreatment of a subordinate, abusive sexual contact, adultery and conduct of a nature to bring discredit to the armed forces.

At the time of the alleged incidents, McQueen was a sexual assault prevention officer with III Corps’ Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion.

McQueen’s name began circulating in July when news of the alleged prostitution ring first came to light, but this is the first time Fort Hood officials confirmed his participation.

Testimony in the court-martial of another Fort Hood NCO, Master Sgt. Brad Grimes, mentioned McQueen as the conspirator of a plan to have young female soldiers have sex for money. In December, Grimes was found guilty of conspiring to patronize a prostitute and solicitation to commit adultery. He was demoted to sergeant first class and received a letter of reprimand.

During Grimes’ court-martial, a female private first class testified under a grant of immunity that she was having financial difficulties when McQueen discussed the possibility of her working as an escort to high-ranking noncommissioned officers and civilians who were willing to pay to “hang out” and have sex with low-ranking soldiers.

Documents from the Army Criminal Investigation Division contained a detailed statement from another female Army private in which she claims McQueen sexually assaulted her in February 2013.

In the statement, the woman told investigators McQueen approached her and mentioned he threw parties for high-ranking people. McQueen showed the woman photos on his phone and on Facebook of people who attended the “parties.” He then invited her to a residence on post after work, according to the statement.

At the residence, McQueen and the female private first class who testified against Grimes spoke to her about attending parties and “making money.”

At one point, McQueen left and returned with a bottle of alcohol and juice, according to the statement. Shortly after, the woman said McQueen attempted to kiss her. She backed away.

“He tried to kiss me again and I said, ‘Sergeant, I’m not comfortable.’ He then laughed and said, ‘Just be calm,” according to the statement.

The private told investigators McQueen kissed her on the cheeks and lips, then got on his knees and kissed her neck and thigh.

The documents from CID also revealed the woman was sexually assaulted previously by a superior officer on another military installation during her advanced infantry training in 2012.

According to her statement to CID, McQueen specifically referenced the previous assault when talking to her about his “parties.”

“Since the incident, I’ve been under more stress and cried some,” she told investigators. “I’ve had dreams of sexual assault that happened to me at AIT except instead of it being my first sergeant, it was Sgt. 1st Class McQueen.”

Several male NCOs were questioned in the wide-ranging investigation. One first sergeant told investigators McQueen approached him last March and told him: “I have a female that will do anything you want for $75.”

Throughout the investigation, and Grimes’ court-martial, McQueen was not charged.

McQueen will have an Article 32 hearing March 20-21 at Fort Hood. At the hearing, the investigating officer will hear evidence and make a recommendation of whether the case should move to a court-martial.

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