By Amanda Kim Stairrett

Killeen Daily Herald

FORT HOOD – Updates to the investigation surrounding Thursday's shooting were scarce Monday as the post prepared for today's memorial ceremony to honor the 13 killed.

Fifteen of those injured in the shooting remained in the hospital as of Monday afternoon. Eight were in intensive care units and seven in wards. Twenty-seven of those injured are out of the hospital and a majority of those will attend today's memorial, said Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, III Corps and Fort Hood commander.

While the general had no new announcements about the ongoing investigation, he talked about some of the units affected by Thursday's shooting and the man suspected of it, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

Three from the 467th Medical Detachment, a combat stress control unit based out of Madison, Wis., were killed last week. Its soldiers are reservists mobilized at Fort Hood for pre-deployment training and they were scheduled to deploy in early December.

That unit is still scheduled to deploy.

The 467th had 24 soldiers assigned to it and about 15 of the detachment's slots were being filled by Professional Filler System soldiers. Those men and women are doctors and mental health professionals who were pulled from clinical positions to serve in tactical units when they deploy, according to information from First Army Division West, the Fort Hood division charged with National Guard and Reserve training.

Hasan was a psychiatrist assigned to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, but at a press conference Monday afternoon, Cone couldn't confirm that he was a soldier in the detachment.

Hasan arrived at Fort Hood this summer and started working at the Resilience and Restoration Center on post. He was most recently assigned to another area and didn't have an extensive role in counseling, Cone said.

There is no evidence that Hasan's actions were fratricide, Cone said in his office late Monday afternoon. Criminal Investigation Division and FBI agents are conducting an "exhaustive investigation," he added and they are collecting evidence to prove beyond a doubt that Thursday's shooting was not a fratricide issue.

"I believe this was an isolated incident," Cone told the press.

He also talked about reactions from the local Muslim community, saying he's received personal messages of condolence and support from leaders. There are more than 100 Muslim soldiers at Fort Hood, Cone said, and they are "valued members of the team."

When asked if he thought Muslim soldiers felt secure amid speculation of the role Hasan's religion played in his actions, Cone said, "I think they should. They are a part of our team."

The general also talked about entering a healing phase and said he told leaders across the post to help those who show signs of needing care. Cone said, when asked, that soldiers with a particular religion will not be singled out for assistance but rather soldiers with overwhelming personal problems who need help.

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