Herald/Steven Doll - From left, Gov. Rick Perry talks with Dr. W. Roy Smythe, chairman of surgery for Scott & White Hospital, as State Rep. Ralph Sheffield, District 55, walks alongside Saturday morning in Temple.

By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

TEMPLE – Gov. Rick Perry met with a few of the Fort Hood shooting victims Saturday at Scott & White Hospital. He also thanked the community's response to the tragedy.

At the time of Perry's visit, five of the 10 shooting victims Scott & White received remained at the hospital. Two of those five were in the ICU on Saturday. Four victims were released and one patient was transferred to another facility.

"It is an honor for us to have met with several of these victims," Perry said during a press conference surrounded by camera's outside

the hospital. "We talked about these kid's families and what they needed. We cared on them and loved them," he added about the victims.

Even after the tragedy, many of the victims spoke about how proud they are to serve the country, Perry said.

"I believe the visits with the soldiers showed us that they are in great care and in high spirits," State Rep. Ralph Sheffield, said, taking the conference podium for a moment between Perry's comments and answering questions.

Sheffield and State Rep. Sid Miller were with Perry when he met with the victims, and they spoke briefly about the experience during a press conference outside the Temple hospital.

Perry continued later mentioning his meeting with Kimberly Munley, the civilian police officer responsible for stopping Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is suspected of the shooting rampage.

"I spoke with Sgt. Munley and thanked her for her work," Perry said. "Munley is very understated and a classic public servant. She is true professional. ... This is a selfless pubic servant, and you all should be glad to have her."

Perry also praised the efforts by the civilian emergency responders, the military and the doctors at local hospitals.

"People, especially neighbors, take care of their own," Perry said. "There is no telling how many lives they saved... they were able to flex in response to a violent situation."

That community support will continue as the Texas Rangers extends its services to the FBI and Fort Hood's Criminal Investigation Unit as the investigation into the shooting continues, Perry said.

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