FORT HOOD — III Corps held a color casing ceremony Friday, signaling the corps impending deployment to Iraq and Kuwait, at the III Corps and Fort Hood Headquarters flagpole.

Approximately 350 soldiers from the III Corps Headquarters will deploy as part of the regular rotation of forces, replacing XVIII Airborne Corps as the headquarters for more than 60 coalition nations Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, the global coalition to defeat ISIS.

Lt. Gen. Paul Funk II, commander of III Corps will lead the fight against ISIS during the upcoming deployment and addressed a gathering of local and state representatives, community members and U.S. and coalition service members.

“Today we case the III Corps colors in preparation for our deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve,” Funk said. “The Phantom Corps has a long and storied history of fighting against tyranny and oppression.

This is the eighth time the corps has deployed since being established and this is the second deployment in Support of Operation Inherent Resolve since 2015.

“When our nation calls, they call for America’s Hammer, and for the eighth time in its history the 3rd Armored Corps is answering that call,” Funk said. “We are returning to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIS by, with and through the coalitions from 70 nations.”

Funk said the organization the United States is fighting against is one of evil.

“Their (ISIS) brutality forces us to look deep into the heart of darkness, they condone the systematic murder of women and children, the enslavement of religious minorities and the torture and execution of captured prisoners,” Funk said.

The III Corps troops will be based in Kuwait but will also be going to Iraq to oversee the fight against ISIS.

The deployment will last approximately 12 months and the corps is scheduled to depart Fort Hood later this summer.

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