Lt. Gen Paul Funk II, from left, Beth Funk, Betta Yeosock, and Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Crosby, react to the plaque as it's unveiled on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018, in a ceremony on Fort Hood.

FORT HOOD — Lt. Gen. Paul Funk II hosted a memorial and dedication ceremony for the late, retired Lt. Gen. John J. Yeosock, a former chief of staff, assistant division command and later commander of the 1st Cavalry Division on Friday at the installation’s Patton Park.

The dedication is part of the corps’ 15-day celebration of its 100-year anniversary and honored the memory of some of the unit’s former leaders who had an impact on the corps’ history.

Yeosock, who died in 2012, also happened to be Funk’s father-in-law and mentor, he said. During the multiple times Yeosock was stationed at Fort Hood, he lived in four different homes surrounding the park where his memorial was unveiled. He would later lead Third Army during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm as the overall commander of U.S. ground forces.

“I am reminded that there are lions in our lives. Through the trails they blaze and the legacy they leave around us, leading through example of character as opposed to celebrity,” Funk said. “Lt. Gen. John Yeosock was a lion throughout his career, culminating as the Third Army commander. His time serving here at Fort Hood is highlighted by serving three times in the 1st Cavalry Division.”

Funk was joined by his wife, Beth, at the dedication, along with her mother, Betta, and the majority of the family.

“We spent a lot of time at Fort Hood,” said Betta, who is currently living in the home directly across from her late husband’s memorial. “We love the people, we love the community. The plaque is right in my view when I sit in my living room, so I can just look out and see that wonderful plaque.”

Betta said her husband was dedicated and truthful, and one of his highest honors in his life was to be described as a “soldier’s soldier” among his troops. He served his nation for 33 years and three days. | 254-501-7554

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