• February 21, 2017

Is there a link between post-traumatic stress disorder and violence?

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  • eyewatchingu posted at 11:48 am on Wed, Sep 14, 2016.

    eyewatchingu Posts: 245

    There are many types of PTSD, from childhood PTSD, rape, and combat and so on. Its hard to only focus on one type of PTSD, it seems we tend to focus on the combat related types instead of looking at them all.
    When I was studying animal behavior they used an example of what causes ptsd by using a young rabbit and wolf. Showing both ways of what happens if the rabbit lives and the wolf goes hungry and then showing what happens when the rabbit dies and the wolf eats. If the rabbit survives the trauma of being chased, he is more likely to hear the twig snap before the wolf gets close, he remembers the smell of the wolf and uses these things for survival and the wolf goes hungry the wolf will also remember and use a different approach the next time, In the wild an animal has a chance to use these trauma to better there survival rate. As for humans its a little harder, take a child subjected to abuse, the child can not change the out come by learning and removing them selves from that situation, they cant fight back, run away or move on because they have no chance to use what they learned to better there survival and end up repressing these feelings and they tend to not find the right ways to correct the situation. Take the soldier who survivor and his buddies don't, some will tend to do what we perceive as crazy things repeatedly, take the solder that came back from Vietnam who was the only survivor of his unit, every year on the same day the soldier tried to rob the same store, luckily a Police Officer decided to try and figure out what is wrong with this picture, that officer talked to the guy, here he was suffering PTSD combined with survivors remorse and was trying to change what happened. See when looking at PTSD we really need to look at the cause and effects, a person that is able to escape and act out what they needed to do to survive and survive carry on well in life, those that are forced ( like soldier not to run or act in a natural behavior) to stay and not aloud to do a natural behavior like run, fight back they tend to have a harder time coping, what is worst when we spend more money only looking at one type of PTSD. As for the anger, it tends to come from them being frustrated and always on high alert, which to someone that see the behavior problem tend to escalate the problem by thinking and treating the person poorly. Some time we need to stop and think and apply empathy. We all suffer some form of ptsd, we all have a smell or sound that brings good or bad memories, just remember the smell of turkey can make one person feel bliss and remember good times, for some the smell of that turkey can trigger childhood memories of something far worst. So judging rather a person is ptsd or not, is a very hard call, because each human reacts differently to ptsd do to the situation they have been in. If you grew up in an area where its common to be chased by lions and tigers, you learn to run faster or a better way to hunt, there for the impact of ptsd is less, if someone that grew up in a city is chased by a lion, well I have feeling that will not be forgotten and will cause a lot of trauma later on life, like not going to a zoo, or actually wanting all lions dead, kind a like when some one is bitten by a dog.
    So next time when we are standing in line and wondering why that person flinches at sounds, or a person don't like to be touched, or have there food touched, or anything that seems odd to you, place yourself in there shoes, and ask yourself what makes you act in certain ways, instead of calling them crazy, making fun of them, or silly hand gestures of circling your finger next to your head as you motion to your buddie to look at that person.

  • Eliza posted at 5:49 am on Sun, Aug 16, 2015.

    Eliza Posts: 1093

    Repeat of the below 09/06/14; I believe even more now then last year ,in the second reason for claiming PTSD. ---

    If it is a true case of PTSD , its possible.

    PTSD has been used as an excuse at times, to escape punishment for a crime that's been committed,
    or to gain in a monetary means through the VA system.

  • Eliza posted at 5:48 am on Sat, Sep 6, 2014.

    Eliza Posts: 1093

    If it is a true case of PTSD , its possible.

    PTSD has been used as an excuse at times, to escape punishment for a crime that's been committed, or to gain in a monetary means through the VA system.




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