Karina Mateo and her 6-year-old daughter Kiahuren used to get a phone call home from Mateo’s fiance Jermaine Rogers every Saturday. Rogers was working for General Dynamics as a contractor in Kuwait at Camp Arifjan, and had been since January 2006.

Mateo used to work there as a contractor, too, for another company, but returned to Killeen in September 2015 with Kiahuren.

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How right you are.
I, also, am not stating this guy is guilty or not guilty.
But sure makes you wonder, if he is not guilty, why his company and our politicians haven't done more to pressure Kuwait.
Just where did the writer of this article receive his information - from the fiance?


Those companies are not going to risk multi-million contracts to stand up for a lone worker. The US is not going to risk ruining diplomatic relations w/a foreign country to help a lone US worker. It's scary.......you're basically on your own when you take those contracting jobs overseas. People need to realize this.


I am not making any judgement as to the validity of this situation but I would like to use it as a caution to American's that are used to Constitutional Rights and protections.
Having served many years in the Military and as a Government Contractor in so many Countries I've forgotten being there I witnessed the misbelief of American Citizen's believing that the laws of our U.S. applies even when out of the Country.
They don't in most cases unless the is some form of Official Status authenticated and on file with the Embassy associated to the country You are in. This "Agreement" gives certain rights and protection to foreigners covered in the document.
I will like to caution any American Citizen to follow the rules and laws of the area You are in. Don't take for granted you will be treated as if in America.
Just thinking

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