Flood Alert

This Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, screenshot shows an automatic alert sent by Fort Hood cellular towers to all phones within the vicinity warning of possible flash floods at low water crossings on post.

Josh Sullivan | Screen image

FORT HOOD — All tactical low-water sites are closed because of rain at Fort Hood, according to an emergency alert sent to some area residents’ cellphones Monday morning about 10:50.

Fort Hood spokesman Tyler Broadway confirmed the alert in a phone call about 11 a.m.

The sites were closed immediately, according to the emergency alert. They were still closed late Monday. Over an inch of rain fell in the Killeen-Fort Hood area Monday, and there is a 30 percent chance of storms today, according to the National Weather Service. Some storms may also produce a strong downburst wind.

The alerts run through an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the same system used to push out Amber alerts, Broadway said.

Any phone in proximity to a cellular tower that pushes an alert should receive it, although how close a person is to the tower could play a factor in whether a phone picks up the alert, Fort Hood officials said.

The system is supposed to work automatically by pushing notifications to any phone within the vicinity, Broadway added. There is no need to sign up for a specific service.

The system is part of an effort to notify service members and family members of the dangers posed by flash floods at low-water crossings on the Army post, said Fort Hood officials.

On April 11, Spc. Darius Cooper, a 40-year-old culinary specialist, whose home of record is listed as San Antonio, disappeared when the vehicle he was driving on Turkey Run Road was swept into Clear Creek during heavy flooding. His body has not yet been recovered.

On June 2, 2016, eight soldiers and a West Point cadet died when the truck they were in overturned while attempting to navigate a low-water crossing at Fort Hood’s Owl Creek.

More information about the alert system can be found at www.fema.gov/integrated-public-alert-warning-system, Fort Hood officials said. For questions about local alerts, contact the Installation Operations Center at 254-287-2054.

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