Sgt. Dominique Greeley of Fort Hood

Sgt. Dominique Greeley of Fort Hood competes in the 2017 National Cavalry Competition in Oklahoma.

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Sgt. Dominique Greeley of Fort Hood has every right to be proud.

Not only did the member of the 1st Cavalry Horse Cavalry Detachment emerge victorious at the National Cavalry Competition held last week in El Reno, Oklahoma, she is also the first female to earn the title of national champion, according to the U.S. Cavalry Association, which organizes the annual competition.

“Last year, for lack of a better word, I was petrified,” said Greeley, a health care specialist with the detachment, before the competition. “I was pretty new to the unit, and I was worried I wasn’t going to live up to the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment hype.”

Greeley entered as a Level 3 competitor this year, which is for advanced riding and equitation skills, according to

She competed in five events, including military horsemanship, combat horsemanship and jumping.

The mounted pistols event is timed, and required Greeley to negotiate obstacles and engage six targets. She completed the course in just over 26 seconds with no faults.

Also scored by time was the mounted saber event, which involved targets such as heads, rings and ground targets, along with obstacles and jumps. Greeley scored well.

Greeley’s consistently superior performance earned her top honors in Level 3, and national champion status.

Defending her title next year will not be an option for Greeley. She’ll be in Korea, but she plans to watch the competition on Facebook.

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