Col. Henry "Hank" Perry, incoming U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Hood commander, thanks the Central Texas community for welcoming him during the Garrison Change of Command Ceremony at III Corps Headquarters, July 11, 2017.

U.S. Army photo by Kelby Wingert, Fort Hood Public Affairs

FORT HOOD — As the season changes to summer so do the commands change on Fort Hood.

There have been nine brigade-level or higher changes of command on Fort Hood since June 9. An additional three brigade-level or higher changes of commands are scheduled to occur by Aug. 18, including one Friday.

Fort Hood officials said in the interest of taking care of the soldiers and their families, the changes of command are scheduled during the summer months while children are on their summer break from school.

Among the changes in the past 40 days:

Col. Juan Howie transferred command to Col. Martin Inman of the Hood Mobilization Brigade during a change of command June 9.

Col. Mark Quander relinquished command of the 36th Engineer Brigade to Col. James Koeppen during a change of command ceremony June 15.

Col. Christopher W. Hoffman replaced Col. Christopher J. Cox as the commander of the 48th Chemical Brigade on June 23.

Maj. Gen. Erik C. Peterson replaced Maj. Gen. Jeffrey N. Colt as First Army’s Division West commander June 26.

The 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade held a change of command ceremony on 29 June. Col. Curtis W. King replaced Col. Richard A. Harrison as the brigade’s new commander.

Col. David R. Gibson replaced Col. Mark W. Thompson as commander of the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center on July 7.

Col. Henry C. Perry replaced Col. Todd M. Fox as Fort Hood’s garrison commander Tuesday.

Col. Jonathan C. Byrom replaced Col. Kevin D. Admiral as the 3rd Cavalry Regiment commander Thursday.

Col. Gary G. Ridenhour will transfer command of the 11th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade to Col. David A. Thomas during a change of command ceremony Friday.

Fort Hood’s Dental Activity will have a change of command ceremony on July 20.

The 85th Civil Affairs Brigade will conduct a change of command ceremony on Aug. 18.

The change of command ceremony traces its roots to the 18th century when military units had flags that were unique to each formation. The flag served as a rally point for the troops and informed them of where their loyalties lie. During the change of command ceremony, this flag would be handed from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander in front of the soldiers of the unit to witness the transfer of authority and trust to the new commander. This tradition has continued ever since. | 254-501-7553

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