III Corps and Fort Hood commander Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland discussed his recent command post in the Middle East and the current status of the Army during a Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce’s Military Relations Council luncheon Friday at Grace Christian Center in Killeen.

MacFarland returned in August from a 12-month deployment serving as the commander of Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Syria, where he helped lead the fight against the Islamic State.

MacFarland also talked about reduced troop levels in the Army, funds to train soldiers and a lack of upgrades to aging combat equipment. He said that half of the barracks at Fort Hood are “below acceptable standards.”

Constant deployment rotations take a toll on soldiers and their families, said MacFarland, and programs to help them with deployment-related issues are suffering, too.

“Something’s gotta give,” said the three-star general.

He thanked the Killeen community for its continued support of troops.

“We’re very fortunate to have friends like all of you who help our families get through those difficult times. They don’t need pity; really what they need is a little bit of understanding,” MacFarland said.

He blamed the cutbacks in the military on sequestration, a provision of the Budget Control Act of 2011 that imposes across-the-board spending cuts if Congress and the White House cannot agree on more targeted cuts aimed at reducing the budget deficit.

Read more about what MacFarland said in the Nov. 9 Fort Hood Herald.

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This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@RickyBonny: To fire the CEO if a company does not make a profit, that doesn't always work now-a days, they just get a settlement of their contract and move on. You take the Mr Green case, you take the Hillary cases and their has a lot of them, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the missing the found emails, all 33,000 of them now the Wiener flap, all just being 'over looked' by the Democratic Party. Now you couple with the Hillary statements of recent times, and I paraphrase here and now, 'We Christians are to go against our belief in order to have the Hispanics and Muslims feel at ease', well that does not sit well with me.
Then if you take 'all of the free benefits that is to go to those people, well you might as well just say 'we as Americans better find a new place to live because the politically correct crowd is here to stay, better move over and look the other way.
Nobody know for sure 'how many illegals are in this country at any time' because, 1. ) There is no accurate accounting, 2.) The Obama regime is constantly letting the illegals, and the refugee's enter and then be immediately dispersed to parts unknown to prevent an accurate accounting of these individuals. And what about the numbers of foreign country's that have made a hefty contribution to the Clinton organization? But with the Democratic party, 'that is always overlooked'. By her saying 'She was wrong' it's always 'overlooked'. How many times does it take as to, 'it being overlooked' to say 'Enough is enough'. Trump is called out, by a single solitary citizen 'for fondling her on an airplane for 15 minutes and she waits until 3 or 4 weeks ago 'to tell the people about it'. She did not scream to high heavens about his fondling her in a crowded First Class airline with Stewardesses on board, and a whole bevy of 'other air line passengers' on board, or any of the other 'complaints' of women who, In turn went on the platform to address similar complaints about Trump and of course they were decades old. And the Pakistani man and his wife, I don't know if I have his country of origin or not, but it is not important that I have his country of origin correct or not, the fact that he went on the platform of the democratic party and complained that his son died as a result of the conflict in Iraq or Afghanistan and he was 'Down on Trump', if remember the incident correctly, his Son 'Volunteered to serve in that foreign country and as a result suffered grievous injury resulting in his death, his death was over 6 years ago and pardon me for saying it, 'but what's the difference in his death and the thousands of soldiers that have died before and after his death'? But the Democratic Party played it up so that you would of thought that his death was paramount over all of the deaths of other soldiers.
This, in my opinion, is another case of 'this Nation being Politically Correct for all of the wrong reasons'.
And this goes on and on and on. Wake up people and smell the roses.
One of the 3% who voted.

Amy Proctor

Interesting to hear a comment about separation of church and state. This was a business venue large enough to accommodate the crowd, that's all. There was no proselytizing at all and unless we want the USA to become the old USSR we should smarten up about comments like that.

I would make a bet that eyewatchingu is a Hillary voter. Just a guess. Guess what Hillary was doing this morning in Pennsylvania? Giving a political speech in a church. Do you mind that??? Here it is if you don't believe me:


Now THAT I have a problem with. I thought it was illegal.


He should blame the commander in chief.

In the real world if a CEO doesnt meet expectations, they would be fired!

If you want more cutbacks / reduced troop levels, then vote hillary. She has to take the money from the soldiers to take care of the 20 million illegals.

Isn't that crazy, if I run a red-light in Killeen, I get a fine for 75 bucks. However, if I illegally trespass into the US, I get benefits, free hospital and if hillary wins, citizenship where I will automatically enrolled into all of the benefit packages?


This certainly isn't a glowing report on the Commander in Chief who is out on the campaign trail telling everyone how much bigger, better, stronger he's made everything.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@eyewatchingu: Perhaps I've overlooked what is some of the most 'glaring' applications of 'The Declaration of Independence', 'the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them.'
the notice of 'a supreme being, God' is mentioned a number of times. The fact that a President has to place his left hand while elevating his right hand is duly noted, that it is 'a Bible' to which he swears his allegiance to, 'The United States of America'. And the remaining part of him swearing allegiance to the United States of America is 'So Help Me God'.
That and that alone is what the oath of office is and shall remain so 'unless this great Nation is over run by peoples of a different heritage and culture as ours'.
One of the 3% who voted.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@eyewatchinhu: Well you've just saw fit to 'draw attention to the most prevalent concepts that I hold most dearly, Christianity' with this writing.
First off, this Nation 'was founded on the Christian concept being as there was not any other form of worship other than the Indian belief of worship.
The belief that this country was founded on 'having the separation between church and state was that 'there was not to be a Federally organized Church, as in a 'Church of England AKA Church of the United States'.
You state, 'it is wrong to those that choose not to belive in a magical being'. If you choose 'not' to enter a building that is a Christian building you are free by these choices that are entered into by this form of government, 'to stay out and don't go into, as you say a magical being'. It is your right, as documented by this the Constitution but don't complain to and about 'the others of us choose to worship in this fashion, to the/a creator who is known as our 'God the father'. I say again, 'that is your right or privilege to worship or not to worship', that is a right that this, Our Constitution, gives to you.
The fact that 'we have many that do not have a military background'. So what??? Do you not think that each of us has the responsibility to 'take care' and by that I mean 'provide for a strong standing military to ward off those who shall entertain a notion to 'take this land that so many have fought, and yes, died to keep us safe from all of those who had desired to keep 'us', you and I from all perils.
And I don't want to get in the argument of 'who makes more money or is provided with more benefits than who. That's not what my argument was concerned with, my argument was 'WHY' the President has authored an 18% raise for past living presidents when our military is suffering from what I feel is a drastic turn down involving all military personnel, all military hardware such as our Navy, our Air Force, and the general feeling that 'this is alright because our Congress did not or could not give way to performing their duty to 'treat each branch of our military equally and still maintain a budget so we now have 'sequestration' and the military suffers for it.
I don't care, as you put it, a military brat gets more than you think he should, 'That in my opinion is another, whole argument that I reserve for a completely different and separate line of thought.
Why I ask you are you not concerned about the fact that our military has been engaged for something like 15 years in a 'war,skirmish, what ever, that should have been completed at least 8 to 10 years earlier and the fact that it has mushroomed to the point that 'now the Russians are involved', involved in something our President did not recognize or filed to act upon years ago. Ask yourself the old proverbial 'WHY'.
I appreciate the reasoning of your Husbands logic, 'I am a soldier and a soldier must make do', his was my opinion while I was in the service, but 'that was us and we are in the here and now and should/must reserve for for another time'. We are in the here and now and should constrain ourselves to this time and place, so that is the basis of my initial argument, what's taking place 'NOW'. It is still the basis of my initial argument, the 'here and now'.
One of the 3% who voted.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
Copy: 'MacFarland also talked about reduced troop levels in the Army, funds to train soldiers and a lack of upgrades to aging combat equipment. He said that half of the barracks at Fort Hood are “below acceptable standards.”.' End of copy.
Now I would ask one question, 'WHY'. Why is it that our president and all past living presidents can get an 18% raise when conditions such as these exist in our military forces? 'WHY'
Why is it that many of the 'base housing units' are being rented to civilians? 'WHY'.
Why is it that the 'sequestration' part of the 'Budget Control Act of 2011 can be enforced, because of our lack of control on our Congress, whereas 'they cannot control themselves to act in a more controlled fashion and 'take care of our military needs and which continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate. 'WHY'
We should be enraged that our military is down to an alarming rate in which the Army is down to pre WWII levels, the strength of our military is well below what it should be in terms of all of our ships, planes, and all of our military hardware is concerned. 'WHY'
And 'WHY' are we still struggling by having our troops still engaged in a fight that should have been concluded years ago, but is now 'the hot spot of the middle east and we now have Russian troops, planes, naval vessels sitting off the shores of Syria and bolstering 'Don't mess with me'. 'WHY'.
One of the 3% who voted.


what's wrong with this picture, lets start with the first. Once again church and government has no place togather, it is not fair to other religions to only hold these meetings in a church, it is wrong to those that choose not to belive in a magical being, and is wrong for those that are not of the Christian faith to have to walk into these meetings held in churches.
second whats wrong with this picture, we have many people in the city of Killeen that have no army background and do not get any benefits whats so ever, its sad when a army brat gets free stuff and a child that parents cant find work in this city gets nothing. It is wrong when we take money to give to that base when every single soldier is paid more then what they the average human gets, and then they piss the money away and then they belly up at the food bank and take from families that cant find work in Killeen. I have had many High ranking officers tell me point blank, that for the most part most soldiers have no clue how to budget, nor do they stop from being takers. I am sick of hearing about local kids that cant get jobs only to see some transplant soldiers kid take a job from a city kid, or the fact that a soldier kid gets to play baseball, football for free or the money is donated to him

thirdly, when is Ft Hood going to pay up for bring all the crime to Killeen, when they going to cough up money for Honest, trust worthy cops that do there job.

Face it Killeen your being feed off of. Take a look at how much those soldiers are being paid and then ask yourself why you handing money to a soldier that should have put food on the table instead he bought himself a new cadilac escalade, or a new Mustang.
My husband never took a hand out while he was in the Army, like he said he was a soldier and soldier make do. A soldier watches his money, a soldier take care of his own, a soldier serve the people, not the people serving him.
I am only saying this because I am sick of watching Ft Hood, city council and these so called churches pull the lambs wool over everyones eyes.

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